Ireland’s 2022 Centenary: Everything You Need To Know About The Irish Holiday

On Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, a group of Irish nationalists proclaimed the establishment of the Irish Republic and staged a rebellion against the British government in Ireland. The rebels seized prominent buildings in Dublin. While 1916 was a pivotal year in Irish history, it wasn’t until 1922 that Ireland was declared a Republic.

This year we celebrate the anniversary of Ireland’s independence. Dublin is filled with fascinating history, here are some history-themed things to do in Dublin over the Easter break.

2022 Centenary: A Historic Event in Irish History

On 16th January 1922 at 1.45 pm, the last Lord Lieutenant of Ireland formally handed over Dublin Castle to the new Provisional Government. This year, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this historic event, one of the most significant in Irish history which shaped the political landscape of the State as we know it.

The treaty negotiators were able to secure “complete independence for the new State in its domestic affairs, powers to levy all taxes, regulate foreign trade, raise an army, and considerable freedom on foreign policy”. The formal transfer of power and the handover of Dublin Castle was a moving but short ceremony, finished in just 45 minutes. This turning point in Ireland’s political and social history is being given its full recognition this year with plenty of our tourist attractions hosting Centenary events and exhibitions.

Celebrate at the Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle had been a symbol of British Rule in Ireland for many years before the formal exchange of power and the ‘handing over’ of one of Dublin’s most prominent buildings in 1922. This brought a significant cultural and symbolic change for the Irish republic. In January 2022, President Michael D Higgins unveiled a plaque marking 100 years to the day since Dublin Castle was handed over by the British administration to the Provisional Irish Government. The plaque, in Irish and English, is located over the archway between the lower and upper yards of Dublin Castle, where the handover ceremony took place. You can visit Dublin Castle this easter and see the majestic building and the opulent rooms contained within, the gorgeous courtyard, and the gardens in full bloom.

Explore Collins Barracks

‘Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising’ is the latest of the National Museum of Ireland‘s series of Easter Week exhibitions. The exhibition allows viewers to reflect on 100 years of commemorating and celebrating via the physical objects linking us to the men, women, and children alive and fighting during 1916 rising and beyond. The visitor will also explore the stories of those who were imprisoned and interned over this tumultuous period. Aside from revolutionary artifacts, Collins Barracks has decorative arts and history from all periods and a fascinating military history section. It’s a short walk from Ashling Hotel and Collins Barracks, making it ideal for a history trip for the whole family.

Visit Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol opened in 1796 as the new County Gaol for Dublin and closed its doors for a final time in 1924. It was particularly important around 1916 and housed many of the country’s prominent Republicans and leaders of the 1916 rising. Many members of the Irish Republican movement during the Anglo-Irish War (1919-21) were also detained in Kilmainham Gaol. It was also the site of many unlawful executions of leaders, many of whom have been immortalised in street names, building names, and in song since then. Taking a tour of Kilmainham is an exciting and fascinating tour that mixes political and social history of the state with stories of prisoners. It’s an interesting tour for young and old and can really tie in with history lessons in schools for your little ones in an engaging way.

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Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a resident writer for Ashling Hotel Dublin, a luxury 4 star hotel in the heart of Ireland’s capital, Dublin, stuated in close proximity to Phoenix Park, The Guinness Storehouse and Dublin Zoo. When she’s not taking vibrant street photos, you can find her writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle.

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