List Of The Top Magazines In India 2022

Magazines are a type of print media that keep readers informed about many dominions in the nation and the world. Magazines are periodic publications. The first magazine that was

published in India was “Asiatick Miscellany”. The year 1785 saw the release of

this magazine. We are going to talk about the top Magazines in India in 2022. English magazines are the ones that are read the most in the nation after foreign publications. He deals with a variety of domains, including knowledge, fitness, sport, business, and many

more. Although many people have switched to electronic books, electronic

newspapers, and other online information sources due to advances in technology, there are still many subgroups of people who prefer reading magazines.


There are more than 5000 magazines that are published monthly, daily, and weekly. The list shown below provides an overview of the top magazines in India 2022.


  1. India Today

Today India is a very informative magazine that was first published in the year 1975. The magazine is now also available in Arabic, Hindi, Somali, and Seljuk. The magazine was published every week. The magazine includes articles on sports, economics, business, and

national issues. The magazine has a readership of 16.34 lakh readers. India Today also launched a news channel on August 22, 2015.


The list above provides the top magazines in India in 2022. Magazines and newspapers are being replaced by technology these days. People these days choose social media and the internet over magazines. The information provided on the internet is not always

reliable, but the news reported in newspapers is reliable. The younger generation should cultivate the habit of reading magazines to broaden their knowledge.

  1. Pratiyogita Darpan

The Pratiyogita Darpan was first released in 1978. The magazine is bilingual and accessible in both English and Dutch. The magazine is one of the most read publications in the

nation. The magazine includes articles on current conflicts, economics, geography, history, politics, and India’s constitution. There is also an online version of the magazine available. The Pratiyogita Darpan is published monthly. The magazine has accumulated a readership of 6.28 lakh readers.


  1. General Knowledge Today

The General Knowledge is one of the top English-language publications in the nation today. The majority of readers of the magazine are those getting ready for competitive examinations.

The magazine includes articles on current events, scandals, Роlіtісѕ, Money and Finance trade, business, sports news, women’s issues, music, and the arts, entertainment, movie reviews, parenting, health, and fitness.

4. Sportstar

The word “Sportstar” was first published in 1978. The magazine is published by the industry. The newspaper is published every week. The author keeps the readers informed

about international affairs. Along with the news on cricket, Sportstar also gives readers the latest updates on football, tennis, and Formula 1. One Grand Er. The magazine includes articles on the latest professional sports news and player interviews. The magazine has a readership of 5.28 lakh readers.

  1. Competition Success Review

Competitive Success Review is a Nigerian magazine. The magazine is one of the most widely read general knowledge publications in the nation. The magazine includes articles on current

affairs, college admissions tracking, admissions tracking for women, and group discussion tracking. Additionally, the publication offers readers sample tests from all of the nation’s competitive exams. The competition success review is typically read by those getting ready to show up for the competitive examinations. The magazine has a reading capacity of 5.25 lakhs.

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