Lohri 2022: Date, Story, Significance, Celebration and History

Lohri is a Hindu festival that takes place on the winter solstice. The day after Lohri, the daylight is said to brighten, bringing a pleasant morning of hope, according to tradition. It is a harvest celebration that Sikhs enthusiastically celebrate. It is mostly a Punjab and Haryana celebration. The Lohri celebrations begin early in the morning, with people exchanging warm greetings. Let’s learn more about this event.

Main Aim of Celebrating Lohri:

The main goal of the Lohri festival is to bring together Hindus from all over the world.

Lohri is also associated with the Bikrami calendar, and it has a twinning with Makar Sankranti, which is known in Punjab as Maghi Sangrand. The festival of Lohri commemorates the passing of the winter solstice. In accordance with the Bikrami Calendar, this celebration is held to greet the new financial year of farmers. On Lohri, new agricultural tenancies are ready to begin, and rents are collected and so it is celebrated as new financial year.

Lohri songs and its importance:

Lohri songs are crucial in the event’s celebration because they express the joy and enthusiasm that a person feels inside. Every person who is celebrating Lohri is listening to these tunes. The event includes a lot of singing and dancing. These songs are similar to traditional folk melodies that are sung to praise God for a plentiful crop. Lohri songs are also sung to honour Dulla Bhatti, a Punjabi warrior. On the rhythms of the dhol, people dress up in their brightest clothes and come to dance bhangra and gidda. Around the bonfire, a dance programme to the beat of the dhol is performed.

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