M3U playlists for free TV stream by using IPTV

IPTV(Internet- based television protocol)  is becoming the new trend to watch your favourite content by using M3U playlists. It has made the TV experience better  without the use of cable or satellite TV. This is the best way to watch free web series, movies, TV shows etc. One can see their favourite series, TV shows, movies, web series etc with the best quality on IPTV. Choosing this technology is the best decision in the today’s era. You can access this technology on any device which makes IPTV more popular to use.

There are different types of IPTV apps available are Lazy IPTV, Tivimate, GSE smart IPTV, Perfect player IPTV, IPTV pro etc which are used to watch the content on IPTV.


What  is M3U playlists?

It is a set of streaming links which are used to stream content on the IPTV channels. There are variety of links on the M3U playlist which you can watch free online. The extension which is used is “.m3u”. There are many IPTV M3U players are kodi, vlc, perfect player etc these all players support the M3U URL playlists. There are so many apps of IPTV player on google play store which is free to download . You can download the apps without paying anything and enjoy your content. VLC media player is the most accessible tool that you can use play the content of your playlist.

Installation of M3U playlist on android devices:

  1. Firstly go to the google play store and search IPTV player.
  2. Select the suitable app and click on install to download.
  3. After the successful installation open the app.
  4. After opening the app select start and tap the use your playlist URL option.
  5. Now add the M3U playlist URL and click on add playlist and now you are ready to watch your content.

How to use m3u playlist on firestick:

 To use M3U playlist on firestick firstly you need to install app that will play the menu file

  • In the firestick menu go to settings and then click on the my fire TV.
  • Click developer option and then click on apps.
  • After clicking on the apps , go back to the firestick menu and search for the app which is named as downloader.
  • After searching downloader you have to install and open the app.
  • Now enter the APK URL path to the player app.

Ways to import  IPTV channels from M3U playlists:

To import IPTV channels from M3U playlist. Firstly, you have to go the IPTV channels. After that import it from M3U. After the import you have to  add file and upload the channel list in “.m3u” format. Now you are ready to watch your content.

These are the Indian IPTV channels lists :

  • Hindi IPTV channels and hindi movies & series.
  • Malayalam IPTV with m3u IPTV Malayalam TV channels
  • Tamil IPTV with m3u Tamil movies iptv TV channels
  • Telugu m3u with IPTV  Telugu movies and TV channels
  • Punjabi IPTV m3u with Punjabi movies
  • Bengali IPTV list channels and Bengali movies

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