Major Myths of Car washing Services Daily

The most expensive and one time investment we make in our lives are just few things like house, career investment and vehicle. Whether it’s some small car or SUV, it puts direct burden of atleast 5 digits sum. Hence, it becomes more important that the vehicle we are investing in is giving us some nice output as well output in terms of mileage runtime and overall car beautification etc all these things should be cattered with properly handling the car while driving. One more major area of keeping the car new like is regular car washing and scrubbing. In this generation of information and technology spree,it has become quite difficult to find the necessary information in this regard.

Does car wash damages the paint:-

The most frequently asked question about car washing is this.

Yes, to some extent. car washing can damage the paint especially when it is handled with sharp equipments, hard rubbing techniques and without proper vocational training of doing so. But this need could be cattered at experienced and vocally trained car washing and painting centres which are equipped with latest products for doing so. Cars are no doubt ,an important and expensive investment which should be protected at all cost. If the car is washed and scrubbed at necessary intervals according to the need of client then it would definately protect the car from long haul. Duration of car washing depends largely upon the weather where the car is parked, is it park inside some shade or outside in open, is that car used for long commute during which pollutants, bugs or other small insects attack the vehicle etc. As it is not only about keeping the car beautiful and clean but also better working, hence proper choice should be made.

It is confidently ensured that your car paint would not at all the effected by getting your car washed at autofledge. We ensures best of the services ,with our whole heartedly dedicated staff working for the best of your vehicle. On the contrary,getting your car washed would result in better performance and more shiny paint with less number of scratches or bumps.

So,if you are someone who like there vehicle to look new like, even after a long time then get your car washed at least once or twice a month.

Does a clean car last longer;-

YES. It’s pretty much clear that when your vehicle is clean and washed inside out, it would result in better performance of the vehicle in terms of mileage, smoothness of running ,fuel intake and overall beautification .

Purchasing a car for daily commute or for easy work life balance should not create a regular and constant burden on your mind. And it is still a dream of many people to own a car. Hence such investments cannot be repeated in three or four years. So when proper care of the car is taken it gives good results as well.

Car washing doesn’t only focus on getting it beautiful or just scrubbing it or scratching it unnecessarily but also there is definite care taken of the vehicle in terms of its insides engine oiling, rubbing and time to time servicing of various parts etc. When all these rituals are followed the car no doubt last longer and gives a smooth performance even after runtime of 1 lakh or 2 lakh kilometres.

Moreover sitting in your car and driving would also give premium and pleasant experience when it is deep cleaned at our cleaning station. Plus, who not likes the The extra complements getting from everyone who look at your vehicle. These praises you would get about your car are just “some cherry on top” 🙂 .

Is cleaning your car results in better run time:-

YES, when handled properly in terms of cleaning ,the inside of your car ,the internal parts results in better functioning which would over all result in long run time of your vehicle. All these things mixed and matched with good driving skills as well.

For example of you’re someone who drives very rashly or thinks that every road is some national highway, then surely your vehicle would be damaged. If you treat your daily drive like a race car—taking turns at high speeds, braking hard, accelerating as fast as possible—you might have some fun, but it will come at the expense of your vehicle. Those sharp turns are doing a number on your tires, which means balding and necessary rotation will come up quicker. Braking hard leads to the deterioration of your brake pads. It also puts added stress on a number of components, meaning they will have a shorter shelf life. Strong acceleration isn’t the worst thing, but if you’re doing it all the time, and often while the engine is cold, you’re harming parts of the engine. Oh, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that you’re more likely to get in an accident, as roads are not evenly smooth everywhere in our country. I guess is pretty understandable that no one wants such a quick way to keep your car from lasting forever.

Timely cleaning and servicing at our place would result in keeping your vehicle new like for a longer time.This is the speciality we serve at autoflege car washing and beautification centres. Our team is well equipped and trained, to best utilise their skills and handle each and every part ( inside out) of the vehicle with utmost care and professionalism .

At last, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we are undoubtedly, the best service providers in town. We assure you pleasant, pocket friendly and premium experience regarding each car wash session, always ready to serve you at our best capacity.


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