Manage Your Online Business More Effectively with the Opencart Pwa App Builder

In the current era, customers are shifting their attention toward mobile apps and making purchases from them. So, if you are an e-commerce business owner, then you need to launch your shopping app.

Developing a progressive web app is an excellent approach to establishing an online presence that helps in building a brand. Furthermore, the customers are more inclined toward your brand because of its growing popularity and attention. 

The OpenCart PWA App Maker is a ready-made app plugin that can be easily integrated into an eCommerce website. Additionally, it doesn’t require any coding and technical language to get launched. The OpenCart PWA App Builder by Knowband makes it easy to run an eCommerce store with plenty of features and settings. 

In this blog post, we will tell you how you can run your online store more efficiently with the help of OpenCart PWA App Creator.

The Home Screen’s User Interface

There are drag and drop options available that allow business owners to customize the design of their home screen. The store merchant can additionally alter the layout, banner, images, logo, colors, and fonts to make the PWA mobile app look more interactive. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App consists of several other features that help to boost the user experience. 

Offline Mode

The OpenCart Progressive Web App allows your eCommerce store to function easily without any internet connection. It is a great option as it allows people to shop even on slow and sluggish internet connections. It will make the mobile app more user-friendly for the customer and enhance the shopping experience phenomenally. 

Doesn’t Need Any Third Party Store

The store manager doesn’t need to launch the OpenCart eCommerce PWA App on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It is lightweight because it doesn’t take up much memory or storage space and loads faster. The store manager also allows the customers to download the shopping app directly from the eCommerce website without any hurdles. 


The eCommerce merchant can directly convert people who visit a mobile website into app users immediately. Moreover, the users can easily download the PWA for OpenCart without going through the Play Store or App Store to download it. 

The OpenCart PWA App Builder makes the store admin sell things on the internet and generate more revenue. Furthermore, the OpenCart PWA App maker provides several reasons that allow the store merchant to go for it.

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