Megan Fox dyes her hair silver, fans call her Kim Kardashian

“Transformers” star Megan Fox recently made fans excited thanks to one of the uploads on her Instagram account. In the photo upload, Fox’s appearance has changed drastically.

If previously Machine Gun Kelly’s lover was known for his dark hair color, this is no longer the case. Fox’s hair is now silver!

The change in hair color is not without reason. His appearance was none other than to support his new role as an antagonist in the upcoming thriller “Johnny & Clyde”. Fox, who plays a crime boss in the film, debuted with a silver hairstyle on Friday (8/10). Fans are also busy mentioning that Fox’s hairstyle now reminds them of the figure of Kim Kardashian.
Wait, I thought it was Kim Kardashian,” said one fan. “She’s starting to look like a Kardashian impersonator,” said another. “Megan has become a Kardashian,” joked another.

The photo was taken on the set of a film that had recently begun. The famous actress made her debut in the horror film world with the 2009 comedy Jennifer’s Body, playing a crime boss named Alana Hart in the new upcoming film.

“Johnny & Clyde” is inspired by the true story of the late criminal couple “Bonnie and Clyde”. The story focuses on two serial killers who fall in love and plan to rob a prosperous casino run by the character Fox and guarded by a murderous demon he commands.

“Megan’s character is very dark,” director and co-writer Tom DeNucci told Bloody Disgusting. “I don’t want to give too much information, but visually we wanted her to be almost like a Disney princess, but in a chaotic and very dark version.”

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