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Miami, Florida Dec 30, 2021: MIBE Group, Inc, leading tile roof contractor Miami committed to providing tile roof installation services to Miami homeowners. With 40 years of experience and advanced manufacturer training, the MIBE team of roofing pros is ready to take on the new project. They are licensed, bonded, and equipped to exceed your highest expectations. The tile roof contractor Miami are equipped and ready to help with the new tile roof installation project in Miami.

For people who are interested in making a statement in their neighborhood or trying to maintain a local anesthetic, then a tile roof is the best option. As beautiful as tile roofs are, they are equally durable and long-lasting. The roofing professionals at MIBE Group can review the variety of colors and designs available for the home in Miami. They offer tile roofing services in Miami, FL, and the surrounding region.

The two most popular types of tile roofing systems are clay and concrete. How do you decide which one is right for the home? How does each hold up against the harsh tropical weather conditions of South Florida? To help become a more informed consumer, Leo, the company representative, states, “Before you decide to install a tile roof, it is essential to know whether or not the existing roofing structure of your home can bear the weight of the tiles. Generally speaking, concrete tiles weigh anywhere from 800 to 1100 pounds per square foot. Clay tiles, however, are much lighter at 60% of the weight of concrete. Having a qualified roofing engineer from MIBE tile roof contractor Miami inspect your roof’s structure and framing system is the first step in this process”.

Leo continued to say that, For the most part, both concrete and tile roofs are unrivaled when it comes to life expectancy. Clay is even able to last generations with proper care and maintenance. This longevity factor needs to be considered when doing a cost comparison with other roofing materials.

Living in South Florida has its advantages and drawbacks. One of the negatives can be seasons or periods of heavy rainfall. Leo says that clay and concrete tiles have good wind and hail resistance. Clay tiles are much more resistant to water than concrete tiles, absorbing approximately 6%. Concrete tiles, alternatively, absorb nearly double that amount. It is always best to consult a roofing expert from MIBE Group, Inc. to make the best tile choice that fits the specific needs.

He also added one of the great benefits of having a tile roof is minimal maintenance. Generally, a homeowner can expect regular maintenance at least once a year. An annual inspection by a roofing professional is a good safeguard against needless repairs and damage. MIBE Group provides roof inspections and roof repair services in Miami to assist with roof maintenance, if necessary.

MIBE Group has experienced harsh and extreme weather in Miami, from blazing sunshine to tropical storm conditions. The roofs that the tile roof contractor Miami install must hold up under these types of conditions. Tile roofing is a great alternative to traditional shingle roofing and has a host of benefits and features that make it the logical choice in many situations.

Let the roofing professionals at MIBE Group, Inc. walk through the process starting with a Free Estimate. Call today at (786) 808-6212 or complete an online quote request.

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