Odoo Expense App for Employee Expense Management

Streamline Expense and Reimbursement Processes

It happens more often, employees travel for business meetings and spend their money on accommodation, lunches, employee meetings, and more. The expenses of official work come under a different account and are reimbursed once the employee gets back from the trip or meetings. It might seem a simple process but it is really important to keep a tab on these expenses so that the company can pay the exact amounts to employees and update those amounts under the expense account. It further helps in having accurate accounting reports. Handling such expenses manually is complicated and the chances of miscalculations are high. Also, to avoid any kind of manual error, a manual process is not enough, hence implementing the Odoo Expense App is essential for all businesses.

Expense management includes tracking each spending, recording expenses, storing receipts, managing the expense approval process, reimbursement, and more. To keep everything aligned and well managed, expense management in Odoo. This expense management app enables you to handle the expenses of your employees using your mobile devices. Be it travel expenses, accommodation expenses, office supplies expenses, or any other expenses, all can be managed from the Odoo expense app. This business management tool helps companies manage employee expenses in an efficient manner and reduces the probability of blunders. All things considered, expense management in Odoo is quite easy and seamless.

This expense management app enables your employees to attach and upload receipts by scanning them and allows you to view all receipts and expense requests from your expenses dashboard. A manager can approve or reject them with just a single click. Expense management in Odoo allows your employees to work on the app in real time as they can access them via their smartphones and tablets.

How to Configure and Use Odoo Expense Management Software?

Using the Odoo expense management app is easy to configure and use.

Smooth Configuration

The most important part of any business app is going to its configuration settings and configuring the system as per your business flow. In the Odoo expense mobile app configuration setting, first, you need to activate the incoming emails option. When you activate the incoming emails option, it will enable your employees to submit expenses by sending an email.

The next step is creating products or we can say expense products like flights, can rent hotel accommodation. An office chair, office table, lunch, etc. Further, add basic information such as what is the product type, costs, UoM (units of measure), internal reference, and more. Besides, if you are dealing with a multi-company, the Odoo expense app supports that too. Also, you have an option where you can define or select the invoicing and re-invoicing policies. And then, at last, comes the accounting section that has fields like Expense Account. Here, you can add expense accounts per product.

Create and Submit Expenses

Odoo’s expense management solution is unique and one of the smartest solutions. It makes expense management a smooth road, one can create expenses in the system by adding a product name, its price, description, and in some cases quantity; days, hours, dozen, liter, etc.), and add taxes, just in a few minutes.

Also, these are two options from which you can choose. First is, if the expense was paid by the company, or second if the employee has paid, you can select the one option from the Paid By section. Employees can scan the receipt and upload it to the system using smartphones or tablets from any location. This functionality makes expense management faster and more efficient.

Approve and Reimburse

After an employee submits the receipts the manager reviews the expenses and approves the expense record. Moreover, they post the journal entry and the expense will be recorded in the accounting mobile app. It will help the company to keep a tab on each kind of expense. To put it another way, the dynamic business app helps in making the reimbursement process fast and more accurate.

All things considered, the Odoo expense app covers each and every aspect of employee expense, from creating expense records, and uploading receipts, to approving the expense and processing reimbursement. In this way, your employees will get their refunds instantly and will not have to wait for so long.



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