Online Revenue and Email Revenue Up for Nonprofit Organizations

The just-released M+R Benchmarks Study 2016 (in collaboration with the Nonprofit Technology Network) contains lots of interesting data about the state of online fundraising and marketing among nonprofit organizations. Some highlights online revenue is up 19%. Although email opens and click-throughs are down, email fundraising is up 25%, and among the 25 top-performing (dollars raised online) study participants, over one-third of their online revenue is via email.

Nonprofits sent more emails around fundraising and advocacy in 2015 than the year prior, but the response rate decreased. For every 1,000 emails sent, nonprofits raise about $44. The average one-time gift ranged from $61 (Wildlife/Animal Welfare nonprofits) to $168 (Rights nonprofits). Wildlife/Animal Welfare nonprofits have the highest rates of engagement on social media. On average, just over 1% of website visitors make a donation.

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The Benchmarks study may help you gauge your nonprofit’s development and marketing metrics against sector averages, in fact, on page 17 the authors advise how to best use the data comparatively.

Nonprofit Benchmarks– Social Media Continues to Grow but Email is Still on Top

M+R, in partnership with the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), recently released the 2014 Nonprofit Benchmarks Study a look at data from a sample of nonprofits on email lists and messaging fundraising, web traffic, social media activity and following, and online advocacy and/or programs. The study can be downloaded from M+R or at the NTEN website and offers the opportunity to create your own infographic. Some highlights from the 2014 data, Email list size for study participants grew by 11 percent, although growth slowed for all nonprofits except environmental groups.

Open rates increased across all types of emails – a 4 percent increase overall (an average of 14% in 2014). However, response rates for both fundraising and advocacy emails declined. Cultural groups had the highest open rate of any nonprofit sector in Odisha at 20 percent, as well as the highest fundraising click-through rate at 0.70 percent, and the highest fundraising response rate at 0.10 percent. Website visitors per month increased 11 percent over 2013. However, the amount nonprofits raised per website visitor dropped 12 percent to $0.61 from 2013. 76 percent of nonprofits surveyed utilized paid web marketing, with text and display ads the most popular methods. Nonprofits continue to grow their social media audience (Facebook followers were up 37 percent, Twitter followers, 46 percent) but both pale in comparison to the numbers of email subscribers.

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