Printing Sage 50 1099 NEC Filing Forms

The Sage 50 1099 NEC forms for revealing year 2021 have been changed to a 3-up form as opposed to 2-up. Refreshed forms are at present accessible with self-seal viable envelopes.


The Sage 50 1099 NEC forms can be downloaded and gotten to by Sage 50 clients. Follow the means beneath:


  1. Save the .FRM documents to your PCs work area (In a regular establishment, FRM records are situated in the \Company\Forms envelope in view of the INI area for the Datapath of Sage 50.)
  2. Find your Sage 50 information way
  3. Inside the Sage 50 information way find the envelope called Forms
  4. Duplicate the downloaded .FRM records from the work area and glue them in the Forms envelope
  5. Open Sage 50 and your organization, the forms will presently show up in the Tax Forms part of your Sage 50 Forms
  6. The names of the forms are as per the following:
  • Form 1096 2020 Preprinted
  • Form 1099-MISC 2020 Preprinted
  • Form 1099-NEC 2020 Preprinted


Form Alignment:


Because of contrasts in the particular printer being utilized it is prescribed to print an arrangement page preceding printing to check the information will adjust appropriately on the form. Adhere to the guidelines underneath to print an arrangement page in Sage 50.


  1. Open your Sage 50 organization and select Reports and Forms, Forms, Tax Forms
  2. In the Select a Report or Form window select the form which you wish to adjust (1096 IRS 2020, 1099-MISC IRS 2020, 1099-NEC IRS 2020) and tap the Customize button
  3. In the form originator window click on Print from the top toolbar and select Print, guarantee you have your preprinted 1099 form stacked into your printer
  4. In the wake of printing the placeholder information you will be provoked to answer Yes or No to “Did the form adjust appropriately?”
  5. Assuming that you select No you will be given arrangement choices to move the form contact up, down, left or right and print another example
  6. In the event that you select Yes the form arrangement will stay for what it’s worth

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