Professional SEO Consultant Ways To Improve Your SERP Ranking

Here Are Five Ways That Your Professional SEO Consultant Can Do To Improve Your SERP Ranking

Businesses can gain more leverage and visibility online through the effective use of search engine optimization strategies. A professional SEO consultant or an SEO agency would greatly help in breaking any bad habits you might have developed when it comes to the aspects of SEO marketing. Content is one of the many facets of SEO. Many companies simply optimize their websites for a short time and never add new content to it.

Here are ways that your professional SEO consultant can help tour website gain more visibility:

  • Create and Publish Content Relevant To Your Business or Industry

Having high quality content is a great way for you to become an authority. Search engines love websites that produce relevant information to what a user needs. The content can be created to build your website traffic, as well as enhance your website’s relevance and authority.

  • Develop and Implement A Good Keyword Strategy

It is important to target and identify a keyword phrase for every page on your website. Your professional SEO consultant may use online tools or software to help research competitive keywords that can be used on your web pages.

Keywords may also have similar keyword phrases. A single page on your website might be able to rank for two keyword search terms. However, it is highly unlikely that you will rank for more than five keywords on a single web page. Your website may rank for various keywords as long as you create a specific web page for every keyword you are trying to target.

Once you have determined which keyword you will use for a specific page on your website, identify which parts of the web page will you use a keyword on. You can use the keyword on headings, subheadings, page title, and page url.

Use the keyword on the content as well. However, you have to make sure that you will not abuse the keyword. Having more than five of the same keyword in your content can be seen as a way to spam the search engines. Make sure that you utilize keywords in a user-friendly and natural way.

  • Have A Regular Schedule For Your Content

Search engines are highly concerned with content. Google, the dominant player for search engines, wants to show relevant results to their users. Having a regular schedule to update your content will be aid on indicating the website’s relevancy.


  • Use Your Target Keywords On Your Metadata

There are three metadata that you have in your website. These three are the title, description, and the keyword metadata. The title metadata are the page titles. These page titles are the things you see at the top of your browser window. It is the headline for the search engine results page. The title metadata is the most vital metadata on your web page. The moment a search engine crawls your website, your professional SEO consultant has to make sure that your title metadata contains your target keywords.

The other type of metadata is the description metadata. The description metadata is the description of the web page showing up in the search engine result page. This is also important as the metadata is the deciding factor for a user to decide that the page’s content is relevant to what he or she is looking for.

The third type of metadata is the keyword metadata. Although a keyword metadata is not often used to help the SERP ranking, it is still better to utilize this. Add your keyword phrases to your keyword metadata. Use three to seven keyword phrases. Each phrase must have one to four words.

  • Backlinking

Backlinks also serve as the backbone of every SEO strategy. A website with a high domain authority must link back to your website. This can be done in various ways with the most popular one known as guest posting.

Create relevant links for your website. Your professional SEO consultant can pitch a content topic to high authority domains. In exchange, that website links back to your web page. The search engine will determine this link as a way to verify your website’s reliability and authority. You have to be careful as there are websites that can bring your website down. There are various tools and software you can use to check the domain authority of websites before submitting a pitch to them.

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