Questions To Ask Before Redesigning Your Packaging

If you’re looking to improve the packaging you use, then may have a variety of reasons for doing this. Perhaps you’ve run an industry-leading packaging line using identical materials over a long time and are looking to upgrade to a more modern design. Perhaps your customers are asking your company to change to a more sustainable packaging material. There are numerous reasons you might be thinking about rethinking your packaging. But there is one thing you can be certain of. Whatever your motives are to start the process of revamping your packaging, you should not hurry. To select the right elements to make your packaging new it is important to take time to consider these.

There are a variety of issues you’ll have to address and a variety of various considerations to think about before committing to the process of redesigning. What are you thinking about when considering changing your packaging with a new style? What questions should you to address in order to make the right choice to fit your budget, your clients, brand, and business? It can be difficult at first. However, we’ll help you through the necessary issues and thoughts you must think about prior to taking the next step. After reading this article, will be equipped to know if this is the right time to revamp your packaging.

Top Considerations Before Redesigning Your Packaging

The first thing you have to complete when you first start to explore the possibilities of packaging design is to respond to some questions regarding the reasons behind it. The fact that you’d like to change your packaging doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually the best choice for your business at the present moment. But, it might may be the right moment to redesign your packaging. But, how can you determine if this is the right time to proceed with the redesign of your packaging or not? If you answer the following questions to determine whether now is the right moment to revamp or put the project off.

1. Why Do You Want To Redesign Your Packaging?

This is a huge issue. It could be the most important aspect that we have listed. If you are considering changing your packaging, you’ll have plenty of things to consider. In the first place, you should consider why you are considering redesigning your package in the first in the first. Do you want to cut down on time? Do you want for the sake of saving money? Are you responding to the growing demand for environmentally green packaging from your clients? Whatever the reason for making this decision, you need to consider the primary driver(s) and then consider how these factors will impact the various components of your line of packaging. This includes things like the cost of packaging equipment and materials needed to revamp your packaging as well as the logistics of expanding, upgrading, or rearranging the design for your line of packaging.

Then you need to be aware of the cost of time, money and resources needed to grow your workforce (if necessary) and whether it is more sensible to automatize your packing line instead of hiring human workers. It is also important to determine whether it’s better to keep doing your own packaging in-house or outsource to a contract packaging firm. These are only a few of the issues you’ll need to consider as you start revamping your packaging.

2. Can You Afford To Redesign Your Packaging?

This is one of the questions that you must be able to answer prior to proceeding. It’s true that you might be ecstatic about changing your packaging due to a variety of reasons. However, if you are unable to afford the cost it will waste your time as well as money. However, how can you determine whether you are able to revamp your packaging or not? That’s a great question! There are many factors you’ll need to take into consideration when adding the total price for this design before deciding whether you’re able to finance this initiative or not.

Let’s take a closer look at each one below.

1. Packaging Machinery Cost

When you make the decision that you would like to revamp your packaging one of the most important aspects that can affect your ability to pay for the budget needed to pay for the costs of this project is the packaging equipment. If you’re looking to update the packaging you use, then you might require a new investment in the packaging equipment. However, first you need to consider whether I design this using the current packaging equipment? If they are not then, can they be repaired or modified to meet the needs of the project? If I’m unable to use any (or all) of my existing packaging equipment, what would the new equipment I’ll need will cost me? If I am unable to purchase the equipment at the moment, can I be eligible to receive financing? Do I need to lease or purchase my new equipment for packaging?

Where can I buy my packaging machinery?

It may seem like many questions to be answered, but answering these questions can help determine whether you have enough money to begin the redesign, or not. With the information mentioned above, you will have everything you require to figure out if you’re able to afford the necessary packaging machinery refurbishments or upgrades, repairs or even replacements for your revamp.

2. Packaging Materials Cost

The next step is to are faced with the cost of packaging materials. When it comes to rethinking your package, that is likely to be the place where the biggest alteration will occur. Based on the type of packaging you want to revamp, you’ll probably have to make adjustments to at minimum one element which include the container(s) lids, labels and printing on your packaging. While browsing through the vast array of packaging materials that are available nowadays, it’s tempting to choose the material that is most exciting for the design for the item. However, certain packaging materials are more expensive than other. For instance, when you choose between rigid and flexible packaging, tough containers such as metal cans, glass jars and cardboard boxes typically be more expensive than products like flexible pouches and shrink film. If you are able to pay for the container you want as part of the total costs to redesign the container, you are entitled to the option of choosing which material you like! If, however, you are restricted in your packaging materials then you should look at a cheaper material.

3. Human Labor Cost

If you’re running an unautomated or semi-automated packing line, then it means you have some or all parts of the line are being run by humans. To state that the cost that human labor is consuming in the present day is becoming more complex and costly is an understatement. The supply chain across the globe is experiencing the consequences of the massive resignation as a result of the 2021 labor shortage. This is why the cost for human labour is a major aspect to consider when designing your packaging. If you’re beginning a new packaging project at a time like this, you must be sure to make the right choices. For certain companies that are looking to automate their packaging lines, it could be the best option financially. For others employees, retaining and attracting excellent human employees is the more cost-effective option.

4. Packaging Automation Cost

Automation can be more beneficial for certain businesses as opposed to relying on human labour. But each automated packaging line comes with its own cost that is unique when compared with the next. It is possible that you have the funds to automatize. But, you’ll need to make decisions when selecting the equipment for packaging robots, robotics, or other warehouse technologies to remain on budget. If you’re thinking of fully automating the packaging process, you’ll be able to talk to an expert packaging consultant.

Based on the responses to the above questions You may or might not have the funds and resources, capability or equipment to achieve your objective.

5. Where Will You Source Your Packaging Machinery And Materials For Your Redesigned Packaging?

Although it may not be as prominently as other elements that are on the list, it’s still a crucial aspect to be considered prior to making any changes to your design. You’ll need to decide whether you would like to stick with your current equipment and material provider or search for a new supplier. Based on the standard of the equipment, materials as well as technical service as well as customer service and other aspects of the packaging company you choose Your total price and satisfaction with your customers will vary from one company business. You’ll have to pick an organization that can meet your budget as well as your customers expectations for service to achieve success with this new packaging design.

Additional Packaging Design Resources

After reading this article, will have all the information you require to know whether changing you packaging might be the best choice for you at this moment in time. If you’ve determined that you’re ready to redesign your packaging, but you aren’t certain where to begin you can download the optimization of packaging design cheat sheet that is below.

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