Reasons For The Popularity of UHF RFID In Animal Tag Market

UHF RFID is popular in the animal tag market mainly in the following aspects:

First, it is the technical characteristics of UHF RFID animal tag, which is very suitable for the animal market. Because of the management of animals, it is often necessary to inject labels into animals, which will be blocked by animal bodies and liquids. The advantages of good penetration performance of animal tag are reflected in such scenes.

However, it should be pointed out that UHF RFID has the disadvantage of group reading, which is very common in the application of rapid inventory of animals. The demand of some animal tags is to make a quick inventory of cattle, sheep and other livestock when moving to pasture. At present, UHF RFID is more used in such scenes. However, this does not affect the promotion of UHF RFID in the field of animal tags.

With the improvement of social level, the demand for animal labels has been released more in recent years. In particular, driven by the policy support for smart agriculture, smart breeding and other industries, the acceptance of information technology in the application market has improved a lot. In the large animal market, ear tags, glass tube tags and other products can be used for more accurate management of animals. In particular, the temperature sensor can be integrated with UHF RFID to monitor the temperature and health status of animals in real time.

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