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One of the highest quality alcoholic beverages is Louis Xiii Cognac, which is prepared from delicious fruits, subtle spices, and a lovely bouquet of flowers. Furthermore, the essence of Cognac is transcended by the combination of citrus blooms, the ethereal nectar of dried roses, nutmeg, jasmine, sandalwood, fruits, honey, wood bark, and honeysuckle. In addition, Cognac is made up of up to 1200 distinct Eaux-de-vie, or raw brandies, that are combined to create the final blend. The unaged brandies are the result of numerous distillations over many years, aged from 40 to as long as 100 years.
The fact is that Cognac is regarded as the very definition of Hors d’Ages, which is French for beyond ages or ageless. It is thus because the producers of 100-year-old Cognac employ decades rather than years to measure time.
cognac’s just not a whisky. But is also a zone of France. This is situated on the banks of the Charente River. The zone is divided into six different crus. We call it cru in France’s word and six crus in grand champagne. Bon Bois, fins Bois, petite champagne, Bordries and Bois Ordinaire. The grand champagne cru is known for chalky soil and quiet hills and is recognized to produce the finest quality cognacs in the region.
The story starts of Cognac begins with Ugni blanc. I used to main grapes of Cognac. Remy martin the manufacturing of Louis Xiii or crypt master Harvesting grapes from Grande Champagne cru the distilleries on the lees. A solid balance between the grapes. This procedure leads us to the Final quality. This Cognac whiskey is named after King Louis of France And it is considered a cognac Protector. This cognac whiskey gives the fragrance of passion fruit nutmeg, jasmine, rose, sandalwood and honey.
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The cellar master’s role is very important in creating the ultimate perfect blend. The cellar master also has the responsibility of selecting the most magnificent Eaux-de-vie to be used in the production of Cognac and setting it aside for his successors to use. To develop Louis Xiii Cognac in his interpretation, each cellar master must consider a century in the future.

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