Risk factors faced by HGV drivers?

Driving includes various types of risks that can lead to accidents so far. It is important to be clear about various aspects so that things can go in the right way while driving. Especially driving the HGVs that are the heavy Goods vehicles, is the big task every person should go through various processes to get the driving licence for the same.

These processes generally consist of medical checkups, appropriate LGV driver training, and then the HGV driving test to finally get the HGV licence. Now, this process is kept to ensure safety in terms that things go in the right way while actual driving experiences. There are several risks associated with the same, but there is a need to understand that if things are persuaded in the right way then there are fewer chances of the problems that may be encountered while driving. 

Now, more risks are associated with HGV driving than others because these are heavy and rigid vehicles that need proper care while driving. Additionally, other vehicles like motorbikes and car drivers sometimes neglect the things and put all the blame on the HGV drivers because there is a myth that is also the part of HGV driving that HGV drivers do not drive with care as they drive these vehicles rashly. But it is not always true that some things can adversely affect the safety of both drivers and also other people going through. 

Some of the common risks that are associated with driving HGV vehicles are:

Health issues

The major problem that is faced by various HGV drivers is health issues. These can be due to various possible reasons that can be the kong working hours, excess of driving, and maybe some other common issues.

These types of health issues can sometimes cause major accidents that is why it is said that an HGV driver should always work if they are fit to drive, yes they may be fit to drive but there are times when a person falls ill for 2-3 days. So then, a person should always try to take a rest so that they can work for the other days properly rather than working on the ill days and suffering for the rest of the days too.

Some of the common health issues that can make the person affected are both in terms of physical illness and mental illness. These issues include:

  1. Obesity
  2. Cancer
  3. Stress
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Depression
  6. Anxiety
  7. Diabetes
  8. Heart attacks
  9. Panic attacks
  10. Other heart diseases
  11. Kidney problems
  12. Alcoholism
  13. Narcotic addiction

Sleep Problems

Now there are a lot of problems that are associated with different sleeping hours.HGV driving is a job that has changed schedules with every changing delivery. There may be times even if you are working as an HGV driver on the day shift, you need to work for the night shifts for many of the reasons. So there are unusual sleep hours so one should maintain their health in all these conditions. This way a person should always try to make up the things in the right way so that the usual sleeping hours do not affect their health.

Yes, it takes time to get normal with things but every person should try to do so to maintain proper decorum in their life. Once you manage your health problems even with the uncertain sleep hours you can best manage your work life as well as personal life. With this, you will be able to maintain a happy and peaceful life.

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