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Affiliate marketing is a very popular path to making money online allowing you to work from home and giving you the freedom of working for yourself. If you want to get started in affiliate marketing, you should know where to get good affiliate programs. Clickbank is the cream of the crop. Here’s how  sales automation statistics to tap into the Clickbank treasure chest.

Clickbank is the most well-known and highly trafficked affiliate products marketplace on the internet. You can become a Clickbank affiliate simply by opening an account and getting a Clickbank ID. Once in as a registered affiliate you proceed to “Earn Commissions.” It is your task to seek out products and services that fit your target market and your website. Look for the popular products and you’ll get a good idea of what is selling well and you can pinpoint the products that are already selling successfully.

Clickbank operates as a 3rd party middleman between the merchants selling products and the affiliates who promote them. Clickbank delivers the merchant’s offers and sets the affiliate up to promote that product for a commission. This is what makes affiliate marketing so popular – the product is created and ready for sale with no effort on your part in bringing it to the market. Your effort and reward come in promoting it. Clickbank tracks your sales and delivers your commissions. You get real-time sales reporting, statistics, and a paycheck twice a month.

As an affiliate, you are free to choose marketing techniques and promotion tools as you wish to direct traffic and encourage clicks and sales. But affiliate marketing is far more than promoting a product. If you are to excel and become a super affiliate through Clickbank’s marketplace you will need to develop your skills in search engine optimization, general internet marketing techniques such as email and article marketing, newsletter marketing, backlinks, link exchanges, and your own website content promotion. Promotion of products on your own website through articles, reports, and e-books is one of the keys to super affiliate success. Using your affiliate links in all your content you provide your visitors with quality information and advice about the things they are interested in. That done you can link to a product sales page you are promoting and the chances of their clicking through and considering the product are due to your helpful approach in offering free content of value.

It is essential to offer multiple products rather than just one or two. You don’t want to fill your site with everything on the market though. Choose affiliate programs that are geared to your site and audience. With affiliate links and sales pages in place, you are setting up an automated system that gives you passive income and more time for other projects.

To be a super affiliate you do have to remain on top of the trends of online marketing. What worked last year and even last month can change to something completely different. Watch your statistics to be aware of what is working and what isn’t. If you miss out on changes, new ideas, and tools you will lose in traffic and sales because your competition will be way ahead of you.

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