Sex Life Can Improve When Obese Men Lose Weight

Sex Life Can Improve When Obese Men Lose Weight

“Weight loss can have a positive effect on the sexual health of an obese man who has erectile dysfunction,” Dr. Christopher S. Saigal from the University of California at Los Angeles who was not part of the study, explained to Reuters Health in an interview.

Saigal stated that “weight loss is a goal for all of our obese patients,” due to the fact that it improves many health indicators, including cholesterol and blood pressure. However, for patients, the advantages of losing weight are usually “intangible,” Saigal said.

Weight loss may provide tangible benefits for obese men, as per the UCLA physician who wrote an editorial in conjunction with the study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

“If you lose the weight, you may regain sexual function,” Saigal stated. “That’s a carrot for an obese individual.”

However, Saigal pointed out, “This study does come with a caveat.” Participants did not suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or any other health issues that could cause weight loss to be less effective to improve erectile dysfunction, Saigal said.

The study lasted two years an team headed by Dr. Katherine Esposito of the Second University of Naples followed 110 overweight men suffering from Erectile dysfunction.

Half of the males were randomly assigned to take part in a gruelling weight-loss plan that provided individualized guidance on increasing physical activity and enhancing diet. The remaining half received general advice on exercising and healthy eating however, they did not receive any specific guidance.

In the course this study males who were in the group with the highest intensity showed significant weight loss, with improvements in various health indicators, including cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

In addition 17 males (31 percent) in the group with the highest intensity returned to sexual activity after the study, in contrast to only 3 men in the second group.

“Our data demonstrate that lifestyle changes, including a reduced calorie diet and increased exercise, improve erectile dysfunction in obese men,” Esposito and her coworkers concluding.

“Interventions focused on modifiable health behaviors may represent a safe strategy to improve erectile function and reduce cardiovascular risk in obese patients,” the authors say.

Saigal acknowledged the idea that losing weight can be “a great first-line therapy” for erectile disfunction. Weight loss won’t harm patients, he added even if it fails to aid in reducing erectile dysfunction there are a variety of Cenforce Professional drugs available out there that can help.


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