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The police in a statement carried out by local media said Shah was among Facebook users and news portals that uploaded “anti-national” content with “criminal intention to create fear among the public”.

The police said posts were “tantamount to glorifying the terrorist activities and causing dent to the image of law enforcing agencies besides causing ill-will and disaffection against the country”.

“The investigation into the matter is in progress,” the police statement said.

‘Anti-terror law’
Shah’s colleagues told Al Jazeera he was called by the police in Pulwama on Friday evening to record his statement regarding a case about a gunfight in the district that took place on January 30.

The police said at least three rebels and one “hybrid militant” were killed in the gun battle. The police define “hybrid militant” as rebels disguised as civilians.

But the family of the house, which was the site of the gun battle, claimed the fourth man killed was their teenage son and not a rebel as claimed by the police. They demanded the police return his body for proper burial. The four were buried in anonymous graves far from their house as part of the local administration’s counterinsurgency policy.

Kashmir Press Club building is pictured through a closed gateThe authorities last month also shuttered the largest independent media body – the Kashmir Press Club [File: AP Photo/Dar Yasin]

Later, a video surfaced on social media in which purportedly the sister of the slain teenager said that her brother “refused to come out of the house and wanted to die with the rebels”.

Shah’s website had reported both the police as well the family version of the story, including a video story of the family’s protest.

Shah was called for questioning by the Pulwama police on February 1 regarding his portal’s report, his colleagues said. On Friday evening, he was again summoned and arrested by police in Pulwama.

According to the police complaint (First Information Report or FIR), Shah has been booked under sedition and section 13 of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) – “anti-terror” law – for advocating unlawful activity. If charged and convicted, Shan faces up to seven years in jail.

The law has stringent requirements for granting bail, which means individuals often spend months, sometimes years, in jail without being found guilty.

‘Last standing independent media’
Shah has been vocal about Dar’s arrest earlier last month. Dar has been booked under the controversial Public Safety Act (PSA), under which a person can be jailed for up to six months or more without a trial.,40695,40696,40697,40698,40699,40700,40701,40702,40703,40704,40705,40706,40707,60113,60114,60115,60116,60117,60118,60119,60120,60121,60122,40796,40797,40800,40801,40802,40804,40805,40806,40807,40808,40809,40810,40811,40813,40637,40638,40639,40640,40641,40642,40643,40644,40645,40646,40647,40648,40649,40650,40651,40652,40578,40579,40580,40581,40582,40583,40584,40585,40586,40588,40589,40590,40591,40592,40593,40594,40595,40596,60052,60053,60054,60055,60056,60057,60058,60059,60060,60061,60063,60064,60065,60066,60067,60069,60070,60072,60073,60074,60075,60076,60077,60078,60079,60080,60081,60082

The authorities last month also shuttered the largest independent media body – the Kashmir Press Club, while the local media has already been coerced into submission as their revenues are often being squeezed by the government through advertisements.

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