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What is Slither io game?

Slither io is a famous foreign game that has been adapted into a Snake game. The game has a simple design, easy to play, and is completely free. Game slither io – Snake online is a familiar game and suitable for all ages from children to adults with beautiful design, clear 3D images, and a colorful and attractive interface. Up to now, the game version still creates a very strong attraction, easy to play online, playable with many people, and can be played anywhere.

The first impression of this game is the color. The color of the colored energy particles and the color of the moving snakes make everyone get hooked. To be able to gain an advantage when playing Slither io, gamers need to understand the rules of the game.

Game Tips

It can be said that the snakes are not as scary as in real life at all, they are extremely lovely and cute. With this version of the snake game, the character is flexibly upgraded by the publisher to be more colorful and funnier. But the way to play Slither io is also very simple, faster than previous game versions.

Tip 1: Small age do small things 

At first, you should only eat bright energy particles, do not eat, accidentally you will be trapped by other snakes. Move skillfully to help the snake hunt and raise the snake to become big. Any player who plays this predatory snake plays with the main goal of eating as much as possible. Every snake is small in the beginning, it will take time to grow up and grow big, try to go slowly but surely to accumulate the small size first!

Tip 2: Circle of Fire

When you’re big and long enough, you can proceed to hunt other snakes by surrounding them. Running in circles for them to stab you in the head.

When you feel strong enough to attack other snakes, start with similar or smaller ones because the success rate will be higher.

Don’t hit other snakes, let other snakes hit you.

Tip 3: Increase the speed on slither io game

Quickly move to a place to get food with a moment of acceleration for the snake:

Click and hold the left mouse button (if playing on the computer).

Quickly double-tap the screen (if playing on a smartphone).

Tip 4: Follow them

The larger the size, the slower the motion, which is something you will notice when playing Slither io. If you are brave enough to follow them, you will be safer because other players are often shy and afraid to collide with adults, moreover. But be careful with their direction if you don’t want to get stuck in the round caps.

Tip 5: Pay attention when eating foul

When you feel unable to eat your food, you should stay away from large prey. There will be predators bigger than you around. Slither’s rule is to try to eat as many colored energy particles as possible, especially when a player dies. Be absolutely careful when any snake dies, because there are always dozens of other predators lurking. 

Tip 6: Love yourself

Use the circle strategy and hide your head in it. When you raise a large snake, it means that your snake will become a delicious meal for others.

You should try to apply the above tips to ensure your safety against large enemies because you cannot kill yourself or bite yourself.

Tip 7: Stay calm- Stay calm to judge the situation and handle the correct direction in all cases (including when attacked and attacked).

You also have to pay attention to the Slither map to get to the top.

You will see player rankings, scores during the game, and lots of snakes of all sizes and colors on the table in the right corner.

How to play the slither io game

You can play the Snake game on any device such as a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer. You just go to web-slither io – name it and you’re good to go. 

The gameplay is very simple, but you also need to know the rules of the game to be able to dominate the game:

Control snakes by moving the mouse (on the computer) or with your finger (on the phone).

Eat energy light particles to make the snake grow and elongate.

Do not hit other snakes and do not hit the wall. (The wall is the limit of the game, if you crash here you will die and have to start over, but this is also a highly safe area for new players).

You have to try, not die. When other snakes die, try to eat for really fast, otherwise, other snakes will also eat them.

Eat lots of bright energy particles and don’t let your snake’s head hit other snakes. If you collide with another snake, you will end this race, choose a wise and smart path to go to the end.

Although you are already competitive enough, it is still best to prepare yourself with a perfect strategy. Tactics to run away when attacked and tactics to attack others. To run, you can speed up, and to attack, it’s best to circle your prey inside of you. Or you can combine both elements to quickly destroy the opponent faster.

Where is the safest place to find food?

The edge of the map is considered the safest. There may be very little food, but encountering heavy opponents is extremely rare. This requires you to be very patient and persistent to be able to go into the war in the center of the map. In a few cases when you are small snakes can still kill larger snakes. However, that is only a “small case”. If you are eager to attack and destroy big opponents, it will be easy to fall into their traps.

Why does Slither io attract so many players?

Game Slither is easy to play and it’s completely free, rudimentary interface, and has simple gameplay. It serves entertainment for all audiences from children, to adults, and even the elderly.

The rules of the game are very fair, no matter how big your snake is, just touching another snake will kill you. No matter how big you are, if you are not careful, you will become food for other snakes.

Record in slither io game

According to gamer Kenz Tran, he reached Top 1 in Slither io with a high score, which is also considered one of the highest scores ever in Slither io. This gamer Kenz Tran has scored more than 130,000 points, and the second place has just over 30,000 points. He shared, that to achieve the highest score in Slither io, Kenz Tran had to play continuously for more than 2 and a half hours. He also gave his nickname “VietNam”, as if to assert himself with the world gaming community.

How to fix it when the game is jerky and laggy?

On Android phones:

Go to Settings > Select Applications > Select Manage Applications > Find the game Slither io > Select clear data. Click OK.

On the computer:

Click on the icon with 3 dots on the upper right corner of the browser > Click More Tools > Then you choose to clear browsing data > Click Clear data.

Disconnect the Internet that is not in use

Play games where you have game lag, try disconnecting the network of devices you don’t use such as phones, and iPad… Disconnecting other devices from the Internet helps reduce bandwidth consumption so you can only play a snake game. just this. This can help your gameplay more smoothly and with less lag.

Game time

The popularity and coverage of Slither io are very wide. Every day there are many people around the world playing games, you should choose the right time to play to avoid peak hours, you will also partly avoid the inhibitory lag when playing.

Graphics that are too high will also make the game lag. Adjust the graphics on the game homepage by going to the slither io website, the upper right corner is the graphic adjustment button.

Summary of the game

The latest 2022 game with many changes to Slither snakes, including simple, interesting, and diverse gameplay. The gameplay of the game Slither has not changed much, the player’s task is to control the initial small snake, move on the map (there are three sizes for you to choose from), and eat bright energy particles to grow. go up. and grow up, hunt and kill other opponents with skillful moves, lure your opponent into plunging headfirst into your snake body, then eat the defeated snake again. The main purpose of this Slither io game is to survive, stay alive, and take down as many other types of snakes on the map as possible for as long as possible. 

Be the winner! Play game fun.


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