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One of the simplest technologies to learn is software testing. We developed testing training material and curriculum based on the demands of the organisation. We provide 100% placement-driven, career-relevant Software Testing training in Pune at IT Education Centre. Our Software Testing training programmes cover the majority of manual and automated software testing technologies at the basic, moderate, and advanced levels. IT Education Centre is recognised as one of the best software testing training institutions in Pune. We provide morning, evening, and weekend batches in Pune according on your need. 

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying the operation of a programme in accordance with user requirements. The primary goal of software testing is to find defects and notify the development team so that they may be fixed. Several testing methodologies are employed depending on the application and user needs. SDLC, Agile, the Spiral model, and many other software testing paradigms exist. Manual software testing and automated software testing are the two ways of software testing. Software Testing Training in Pune


The Advantages of Software Testing
The following are some of the advantages of software testing:

1. Satisfaction of Customers
The primary purpose of any service-based firm is to provide the finest features and experience to its consumers; customer happiness is the main goal for an application’s success and popularity. 

By ensuring a defect-free application, software testing contributes to client trust and happiness.
Customer satisfaction is increased with UI testing. Software testing attempts to find all potential flaws and test a programme in accordance with client specifications.
eCommerce, for example, is reliant on the consumer, and a delighted customer increases the market value and revenues.

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