Government employee loans are particular types of loans reserved for this category of workers.

Since the last months of the health emergency have also brought about great changes in the methods of accessing credit and now it is possible not only to obtain quotes on the web but also to sign contracts digitally, we have decided to better explain this procedure.

State employee loans: what they are

Before explaining how it is possible to obtain a loan online, it is well to spend a few words to explain to those who still do not know what state employee loans are. Loans are reserved for this category of workers and are disbursed in the form of salary-backed loans. The maximum installment cannot exceed 20% of the net salary, moreover, it is withheld and paid directly by the employer until the repayment plan is exhausted.

The law provides that these loans are compulsorily covered by a life and employment risk (loss of job) policy.

How to request them online

The health emergency has radically changed our lives, also changing our shopping habits. Today, thanks to Dynamic Retail ., For example, it is possible to apply for this type of loan online, without leaving home. How to do it? We will explain it to you immediately.

First of all, you must submit a request by filling out the appropriate online form on the page relating to the assignment of the fifth for employees. At this point, a credit consultant will take charge of the request and will take care of following the customer throughout the loan process. It is not necessary to meet the consultant in person. In fact, with the Vista procedure, it is possible to obtain the required liquidity from the comfort of home. Do you want to know how? Read on and we’ll explain it to you

State employee loans: the signing of contracts

Government employee loans can now be concluded online thanks to Vista, the Dynamica Retail procedure for the remote salary assignment.

The phases are two:

  • Video identification: the consultant connects via webcam with the client and identifies him, making sure that he is the person requesting the loan. During the video identification, the consultant also acquires the identity documents.
  • Contract signing: the signature takes place digitally using the OTP code, the same used by many operators for online payments. The customer receives the OTP code which can be used to affix a digital signature with full legal value to all documentation. This saves time and avoids printing all the contracts.

For customers who are not used to digital technologies, Dynamica Retail offers the possibility of having the documentation delivered to their home, with consequent collection after signing, all at our expense. In this way, all customers can be satisfied and allow them to obtain a loan without having to leave home.

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