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Free postgraduate study in Europe is one of the cheapest ways to earn a master’s degree, and it will only cost you a fraction of what it would in the UK. In the UK, you can get a master’s degree through postgraduate loans, but the loans will only add to your debt and living expenses. And the best part? Europe is a very welcoming place for international students. In addition, you will get to enjoy many benefits from free higher education.

If you want to pursue a postgraduate degree in Europe, you’ll find many universities offering tuition-free master’s degrees for international students. In France, for example, the government spends around EUR14,000 per student, making obtaining a free master’s degree in France possible. While you’re in France, most master’s programmes last two years. You may even get a free Master’s degree in exchange for working on campus after graduation. The process of earning a master’s degree differs from undergraduate study in many ways. In addition to funding, you’ll also need to find a suitable institution.

Generally, public universities offer free tuition for EU citizens. Germany, Norway, Iceland, and the Czech Republic are notable exceptions to this rule. These countries, however, do not have any tuition fees, but they do have a low cost of living, which may be a draw for some people. Furthermore, the information provided in this blog refers only to public universities, so private institutions will most likely charge you a fee.

France is a dream destination for many American students, but it is also the most affordable place to earn a Master’s degree. Though the cost of living in France may be a little higher than in other European cities, tuition fees in France are still extremely affordable. The cost of living in France is only around 3000 to 4,000 EUR a year, and tuition fees are generally affordable. For those who want to study abroad but not worry about the cost, the University of Luxembourg is a good choice.

Norway offers spectacular scenery, picturesque towns, and a chance to see the northern lights. As a bonus, it is also the only country in Europe where master’s tuition is completely free for non-EU students. The University of Oslo and the University of Bergen are two of the best universities in the country. You can also apply for financial support if you are a UK or EEA national. Moreover, the population is friendly and English is widely spoken.

Austria is another country where studying abroad is relatively inexpensive.

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