Summer hail: insurance to protect yourself from damage

What is the insurance coverage to protect against damage caused by summer hail? This is why with the multiplication of such meteorological phenomena you should consider additional protection.

Summer hail phenomena are on the rise and if you often keep the car outdoors, damage to the bodywork is more than likely. Let’s see what suitable insurance coverage is in this case.

Summer hail: atmospheric and natural events policy

The multiplication of particularly violent atmospheric phenomena, such as summer hail with very large grains, can put the bodywork of your car at risk, which could be deformed by precipitation.

But you can protect your wallet from this type of damage to be repaired by adding the atmospheric and natural events guarantee to your RC car policy.

This is an accessory and optional guarantee that can be stipulated separately or at the same time as the stipulation of the compulsory motor liability insurance of capital one.

Each company presents this type of guarantee under different names and indicates in detail what are the events for which it provides insurance coverage. Typically with this policy, you protect yourself from:

  • tornadoes;
  • landslides;
  • floods;
  • floods;
  • landslides;
  • hail;
  • damage caused to the car by objects carried by the wind.

As mentioned, it is important to read the contract carefully to know in detail the coverage provided.

Furthermore, you must always pay attention to:

  • deductible, i.e. the amount below which the insurance does not compensate the insured;
  • ceiling, the maximum possible amount of compensation;
  • conventions, when the guarantee is linked to repairs at workshops affiliated with the company.

Car liability and ancillary guarantees

The natural events policy is one of the ancillary guarantees that you can add to your mandatory car liability policy.

These are additional coverage to that guaranteed by mandatory civil liability, which does not provide for a series of circumstances, such as damage caused by theft or fire, or injuries to the driver as a result of an accident through his fault.

To expand your insurance coverage, protecting several other events that may involve you and your vehicle, you can take out ancillary policies. This will increase the cost of insurance, but if you use our RC car comparator you can get a free comparison between different estimates, obtaining significant savings.


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