The Fundamentals of Barbeque Sauce

For true connoisseurs, barbeque cannot just be complete without barbeque (BBQ) sauce. In addition, in an outdoor setting, barbeque sauce complements barbeque to make up a sumptuous dish. Outdoor cooking is simply not the same without barbeque sauce. Whether the meat is cooked slowly on an open grill, or is marinated with the sauce before being grilled, barbeque forms one of the central themes of culture and custom in America.

Barbeque is the central element of good cuisine and it is packed with much passion and fervor. A variety of ingredients, unique recipes, and a lot of painstaking and scrupulous preparation goes into preparing barbeque for a unique experience. Barbeque sauce adds to the delight of preparing and relishing barbeque.

Depending upon the barbeque recipe, these sauces differ from region to region and the style of cooking. Each chef has a distinct liking for a particular style of sauce. So for example, southern barbeque would be different in variety and style to barbeque of other regions in the United States. Some of the notable varieties of such sauces in the United States include the Southeastern and Midwestern types.

Each Barbeque sauce is differentiated according to its base. Some sauces are based on vinegar, while others are based on tomato sauce. You can also find sauces based on mayonnaise and even mustard. They can be sweet, sour, and even a combination of both. Additionally, they can be spicy or mildly spicy as well. Again, depending upon their use and the preference of the cooking involved, they can be thick, thin, or somewhere in between too. The combination of various herbs and spices in the sauce gives it the complex and unique taste.

The common ingredients in these sauces are the base, the sweetener, the elements that give the sour tangy taste, and ingredients that give the aroma to it. Usually, molasses is added as a sweetener and some people try other sweeteners. For the sour taste, vinegar is standard, but many sauces include other souring agents for this purpose. Another common ingredient is onions that lend the aroma to the sauce. In many sauces, a combination or garlic, onions, and other aromatic agents are also used.

The best flavors usually are trade secrets, so you will not really know what ingredients are added to the sauce to give them the unique flavor. fusili These sauces are now available online in addition to your local store. You can even make your own homemade barbeque sauce for your unique outdoor event. Try experimenting with different flavors until you know which one is perfect.

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