The Latest Vape Starter Kits By Smoke Shop Vancouver

Smoke Shop Vancouver has pledged to continue changing vaping with innovations. They are delivering the best products! Smok Nord 5 Kit and Smok RPM 5 Kit will change how you vape. Smok’s latest technology will refresh your vaping experience. It offers better performance and elegant design.


What Makes The Nord 5 Special?

The following specifications are the specs of this high-tech vaping device. The Nord 5 is not only a great device but also has impressive tech. This device has various colors and combinations that satisfy vaping enthusiasts on every level. A leather series is available in brown and grey. It has a unique design brings elegance and class to your vaping experience.


2000mah Power

The Nord 5 has a huge battery capacity that will keep you fueled for hours. You don’t have to control your device constantly. Simply choose the setting you prefer and start vaping! DTL can be smoked for approximately 4 hours before needing to charge.


Easy Airflow Control

To change the air intake, you can drag your slider. Dual-sided air inlets will give you more atomization and better heat dissipation. This device will give you a complete and smooth flavor profile at your chosen strength.


Adjustable Power Settings

You can find the perfect balance between flavor and hit with adjustable power levels ranging from 5W to 80W. The device can be adjusted to your liking to choose between a gentle or firm hit.


Keep Track Of Your Vaping Habits

Your device will display accurate working data with a 1.75 cm OLED screen. You can also see the current status of your device as well as your current settings.


A Type C Charging

Don’t worry about how long it takes for your device to charge between sessions. Your device can go from low battery to fully charge in 40 minutes, thanks to its maximum 1.2A charging rate. In no time, you can be back vaping!


5ml E-Liquid Capacity

Nord 5’s e-liquid capacity is 5ml higher than other devices in this series. This allows for a more satisfying flavor profile and longer refill times. You can enjoy your favorite flavors longer and with more volume potential.

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