The main advantages of LUX studio Massage Studio in Montreal

Many professional massage salons have appeared today. Each salon has its own individual qualities and disadvantages. But LUX studio definitely managed to stand out among the others. The official portal of the salon is at Their service is organized simply the best way, because mainly to satisfy the needs of the customer a lot of attention is paid. The specialists of the salon have a great practical experience, they know how to approach the customers individually. All the girls in the arsenal have unique costumes and attributes, which will bring a zest to the massage session.

Erotic massage is the central service of the studio. What is it? In addition to the key techniques of the usual massage, let’s say, rubbing, there is also a gentle and specific stroking of the client’s body with the hair and sometimes directly with the body. The real skill in this activity is to be able to bring a person to orgasm without touching the genitals, but only through the influence on different erogenous zones and calm touches. Of course, this is a unique massage, characterized by all sorts of specific techniques of masseuses. In general, the massage can improve the condition of the skin and muscles, has a positive effect on all organs and normalizes the flow of life forces.

A special cream with a light fragrance, aromatic oil is used for the work. By the way, the best arousing oils are considered bergamot and lavender. Plus, to enhance the effect of the session, particles of velvet, artificial leather and some other accessories can be used.

It is also worth highlighting the atmosphere that this studio creates around the visitor. All the locations where the massage services are carried out, are thought out to the smallest detail. First of all, involved everything that has a positive impact directly on the result of the service. Beautiful melodies, interior style and various other elements. Therefore, when choosing a salon, there is reason to choose this studio without any doubts. Exactly here you can get pleasure, which will be remembered for many years.

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