The Most Popular Libraries That Every Python Developer Should Know

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used by many developers. It’s easy to learn, has a huge community, and provides everything you need to build web applications and other software.

If you are a Python developer, you must know the libraries that can help you with your work. 


Here we have listed the top libraries that every Python developer should know:


NumPy is one of the most important libraries in Python, and it provides the foundation for high-performance scientific computing. It is a free library that provides effective methods to deal with large amounts of data.

It provides fast and efficient array objects and has many features that allow you to manipulate arrays more efficiently than traditional Python lists.

NumPy has several built-in functions that make it easy to manipulate, reshape and perform calculations on array data.



Pandas is another important library in Python which helps python developers to easily deal with data frame objects. Pandas is built on top of NumPy, allowing you to easily manipulate your data frames. The name Pandas comes from Panel Data Abstraction Library (Panel). 

This library has many features such as group aggregation, time series analysis, plotting, etc. Its main functions are data aggregation, time series analysis, statistical modeling, and data manipulation.


Tensor Flow

TensorFlow is an open-source library for machine learning developed by Google Research. It allows you to create deep neural networks using data flow graphs that model computation as a graph of nodes (representing mathematical operations) and edges (representing the multidimensional data arrays). 

Researchers and python developers use TensorFlow from companies like Google, Facebook, and IBM across different domains such as speech recognition, image classification, and natural language processing.



PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library for Python based on Torch. It provides a unique set of high-level features that allow you to quickly build sophisticated deep learning models.

PyTorch is based on the Torch scientific computing framework but with a more Pythonic API. PyTorch is one of the most popular deep learning libraries today, and companies like Google and Facebook use it.



Python emphasises code readability, and its syntax allows python developers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than would be possible in languages such as C++ or Java.

The standard library contains over 300 modules that implement various language features. These are often used alongside third-party libraries, which may have their dependencies, making it difficult to see what libraries you need to install on your system. If you are a professional freelance Python developer, then create your free account with, a global freelancing portal.

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