Things to Remember When Developing Your First Game?

Have you ever dreamed of building a game? Most people fascinated by gaming might think once in their life, “I will be a game developer”. So since I was a child and used to play mobile games a lot, I decided that I will be a game developer in the future. Games are those things that helped me to find a career path. 

Developing a game is still a dream for millions of people, but if you are planning to develop a game do not worry we will help you with that- 

What You Need To Do Before Starting The Game Development- 

  • Play games- 

Before developing a game you need to play games as much as you can. It will help you to understand the essential things needed in the games. You can play similar games to your idea. With this process, you can learn the importance of the concept and game satisfaction. 

  • Importance of audio- 

Games are worthless if they do not have a soundtrack and audio. Good music can engage the gamer towards the game. The voice of characters should be attractive, dialogs and quotes will be shared in the game.

  • Patient- 

If you are planning to play game development then you have to understand that game development is a time taking process and it will take time to develop a perfect game. Games like GOD OF WAR, PUBG, COD, WARCRAFT, etc develop in years and more than 100+ developers are working together. In the case of small games like puzzle games or simple scrolling, games are perfect to start initially, still, they are also time taking. You can plan your schedule and start working on it. 

  • Get Education –

You can invest your time in research and education of game development and games. Talk to the professional game developer/ game development company. You had to know about insights and outside of game development. Read blogs and learn technologies, game engines, design aspects, development processes, testing, promotions, and operations of game development companies. You need a complete education about game development because people say that “Half knowledge is always dangerous”.

  • Learn from others- 

You can get examples of success and failure of game examples over the internet. You need to learn from both success & failure. It will help you to learn from mistakes so you can not make the same mistakes again that others do. Success examples help to understand the things which help you to create a perfect game. 

At The Time Of Starting Development Of The Game- 

  • Find a perfect developer/company- 

If you are an expert in coding but want to develop your own game by yourself? Still, you need a perfect developer or a company to consult with them. 


If you are not a developer and planning to develop a game with your idea then you need a game development company. You have to check the availability of the companies according to your needs. A perfect game development company plays an important role in the success of your game. 

  • Discuss storyline & game mechanics with your company- 

Before starting the creation of your game idea, you need to explain the whole storyline of the game so they can understand the concepts and plan levels or characters’ details accordingly. Game mechanics help to understand the game features and the game development company proposed a certain time deadline with you.

  • Perfect Game engines- 

Game engines are open source libraries for game development and are used to design, render, and other features of the game. There are a few game engines that are free and usable. If you are planning to develop a game then it will be great if you choose unity, unreal, or amazon lumberyard as a game engine because they are one of the best platforms ever. 

  • Design & Development- 

Make sure you are aware of the game designs, you need high-quality f graphics and video content if you want to make your game viral.  Game development company had to develop the game in the needed coding language since you had an early education about game development so you can talk to them and ask them about the technologies and design tools which they are using. 

  • Testing Of your game- 

Now after developing the game, work is still not completed, my dear. You need to test the game to find out the glitch, bugs, or anything that you feel is not convenient. It will help you to solve the problems before the launching of the game. 

Things Need To Know After Game Development 

  • Launching platform &, Marketing of the game- 

After testing your game you can launch the game at the play store, app store, or other mobile game platforms from there people can download your game easily. 


For the marketing purpose, you need to plan promotional activities so you can get an audience and downloads of the game, if you are not aware of how to promote video games then read this one of the viral blogs for video game promotion- 

  • Teams for the operations- 

After the development of the game, you need a team of a few people according to the game like for small games it will be 3-5 people but in some cases people need 1000+ team members to operate a single game. PUBG, GTA, Warcraft are those games in which 1000+ people are caretaking so you can play the game. 

  • Updates & Versions- 

After a certain time limit, people get bored from playing the same game for a long time so they lose interest in your game so you need to update your game at the proper time and need to update the new technologies. you can do customer feedback timely so you can get an idea about the players.


Game development is a competitive skill. After COVID-19 people are more excited about the games. You can start working on your game development with a positive approach. You need to understand the aspects of game development. If you want to learn more about game development stay tuned.

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