Top Advantages of Stretch Films

Stretch film provides the best possible item protection.

These films prevent moisture, grime, and dust from getting on the product. Minimal transportation damages exist. Stretch films with UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) technology can shield items stored outdoors from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Along with hiding the item’s contents, it also lessens incidents of theft.

Stretch film is reasonably priced.

Strapping or heat-shrink film are inferior wrapping options compared to stretch film. Stretch wrap equipment is less expensive both in terms of the money spent and the quantity of energy it uses than the other options.

Stretch wrapping works well.

Through optics, the object that is wrapped in stretch film may be quickly scanned. The workers are more productive because it’s simple to wrap.

Stretch film recycling is possible. There are numerous varieties of wrapping films to meet your unique needs. Here, we’ll examine the many kinds of stretch films.

Blown Stretch Films

Due to their increased resistance to punctures, this type of film is employed on high force items. When you unwind the film for wrapping, they sound loudly and have a foggy appearance.

Hand Stretch film

Various names for this film include hand wrap, pallet wrap, and hand stretch wrap. When the item weighs less, these films are typically used. The reason is that since hand wrapping must be done by hand, it is a very challenging task. It can harm the goods that are wrapped if it is not done properly.

Converted Films

Before wrapping the item, this kind of film is stretched. In addition to being reliable and durable, converted films can also be recycled. Aside from that, wrapping the load only needs a few revolutions of the film. As a result, you avoid wasting film and also save time.

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