U.S. Cash Logistics Market 2022-2030 Outlook

This Cash Logistics Market research report contains a complete background analysis of the industry, which includes an assessment of the parental market. All the statistical and numerical that have been forecasted in this report is represented with the help of graphs, charts, or tables which makes this report more user-friendly. This Cash Logistics Market report contains a thorough description, competitive scenario, wide product portfolio of key vendors, and business strategy adopted by competitors along with their SWOT analysis and porter’s five force analysis. Whether it is about renewing a business plan, preparing a presentation for a key client, or giving recommendations to an executive, this Cash Logistics Market report will surely help you to a degree.

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In terms of revenue, North America cash logistics market was valued at US$ 3,829.0 Mn in 2022 and is anticipated to reach US$ 5,963.3 Mn by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period. Brink’s Inc., GardaWorld, Glory Global Solutions (International) Limited, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group Plc, Loomis Armoured US, LLC, NamSys Inc., Prosegur and Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB amongst others. In 2015, Loomis Armoured US, LLC acquired Dunbar Armoured, Inc.

North America Cash Logistics Market:

  • By Services
    • ATM services
    • Cash in transit
    • Vault services
    • Others
  • By Vertical
    • Retail
    • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
    • Entertainment
    • Others
  • By Countries
    • U.S
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Rest of North America

Across the globe, cash transactions dominate and is a fundamental instrument among various types of financial transaction. The convenience of cash payments include easy to transact, free of cost, confidentiality and others have contributed towards their high popularity. In 2018, as per ‘Diary of Consumer Payment Choice’ survey report of US Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta stated that cash payment instrument contributed a large share with more than one–quarter of payments, approximately 26.0% of all total payment transactions. Cash management and logistics planning plays a vital role to ensure cash availability to customers during their requirement. Market participants or players in the cash logistics industry execute the physical movement, storage and others activities related to currency notes and valuables on behalf of a financial institutions, retailers among others. Cash logistics caters to different requirements including secured transportation of cash, ATM replenishment, ATM maintenance, door step banking, movement of bullion, coins among others. As the demand for cash is growing in absolute terms relative to GDP among developed countries including U.S and Canada in North America, cash management services are increasing in demand. In North American, natives primary payment mode of spending in cash for gifts, government activities, food and personal care supplies, auto and vehicle related and other such activities. Thus, the dominance of cash transactions has contributed towards the growth of North America cash logistics market.

There is an upward trend in value of cash in circulation throughout North America. In May 6, 2020 as per Federal Reserve System of the U.S there was US$ 1.87 trillion worth of Federal Reserve notes in circulation. Rising trend of cash in circulation has strengthened due to higher economic uncertainty. The developing countries of the region such as Honduras, Mexico and others are also making efforts towards increasing their total number of ATMs and bank branches. In North American average number of bank branches per 100,000 capita is 27.82. Cash in circulation still remains prominent due to consistent use of cash in the U.S households. In 2016, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco stated that around 89.0% of American consumers hold cash up to some extent. This growing demand for currency has been positively affected by certain economic factors such as international demand, GDP growth and others combined with non-economic activities such as redesigning currency notes to tackle counterfeiting. This rising cash in circulation has created high demand for cash management activities thus boosting the growth of North America cash logistics market.

In May 2020 as per United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the recent outbreak of global pandemic corona virus or COVID-19 across North America has disrupted the economies across continents and is anticipated to shrink the global growth by -4.2%.. Owing to this, companies and businesses have begun to hoard maximum possible cash in response to any possible unpredicted events in future. US dollar is the safest currency and hence a large number of companies across North America region are opting to hold US dollars. This has caused a steady rise in demand for dollars from wide range of sources including banks, companies and foreign financial institutions amongst many others. Investors around the world are also selling their dollar based investment assets, thus, further fuelling demand for cash. In response to this, US Federal Reserve stated in March 2020 about expanding swap lines with 14 new lines introduced in last month for providing the required funding to additional central banks across world. Swap line can be termed as an emergency supply of dollars wherein the dollars are traded for other countries’ currency. This created a significant rise in cash flowing in and out of North America region. Thus, the rise in demand for U.S dollars due to COVID-19 pandemic is anticipated to drive the growth of North America cash logistics market over forecast period.

Key Questions Answered with this Study
1) What makes Cash Logistics Market feasible for long term investment?
2) Know value chain areas where players can create value?
3) Teritorry that may see steep rise in CAGR & Y-O-Y growth?
4) What geographic region would have better demand for product/services?
5) What opportunity emerging territory would offer to established and new entrants in Cash Logistics market?
6) Risk side analysis connected with service providers?
7) How influencing factors driving the demand of Cash Logistics in next few years?
8) What is the impact analysis of various factors in the Cash Logistics market growth?
9) What strategies of big players help them acquire share in mature market?
10) How Technology and Customer-Centric Innovation is bringing big Change in Cash Logistics Market?

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