Unfairness due to different ICT utilization status

Various complaints were made to the school. How should the teacher reply to complaints from the community and parents? We asked Mr. Kuniaki Suzuki, who has a wealth of experience as a class teacher, about the points when dealing with various complaints sent to the school. The theme of the 71st session is “It is unfair that the class next door is using the GIGA school cert 4 it terminal to make various efforts, but my child’s class is not using it at all.”

ICT utilization advances due to corona

It has been two years since the new coronavirus was prevalent in Japan. Even now, the sixth wave of Omicron strains is hitting the school site directly. The school site is busy with various measures. Support for tablets / PCs is one of them.

The spread of tablets / PCs in schools has progressed at a stretch in the last two years. The cert 4 it concept has been in place since 2018, before the Corona epidemic. When the school was closed in the spring of 2020, it was not possible to continue high-quality learning, and the distribution of tablets / PC terminals to each person was strongly promoted. According to a survey by the Ministry of Education, as of July 2021, distribution has been completed in about 96% of local governments.

In such a situation, there is a complaint from parents to the school that “the usage of tablets / PCs is different and unfair”. Parents are based on their children. With the development of information equipment, we are in an era where information on other classes and schools can be obtained more easily than in the past. Many parents notice the difference in their child’s class, which is the standard.

There are three major differences

There are several “differences” in this case. Like this title, there are things like ” different from other classes “, ” different from other schools “, ” different from other local governments “, etc. How to deal with each will be different. It’s important to know what the difference is between your parents’ complaints. For example, if you are “different from other municipalities”, there is not much you can do at school. There are restrictions on hardware and software, and even if the school wants to do it, there may be restrictions at the level of the local government.

Advanced local governments include Kumamoto City, which has been making advanced efforts before Corona, and Niigata City, which the City Board of Education has been actively working on after Corona. When it comes to delays at the municipal level, it’s a good idea to tell parents that it’s better to talk to the government and parliamentarians, including the school board, rather than to the school.

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