Upgrade Your Headlights To LED

Why upgrade?
Halogen headlamps work at the base level. It’s hard to imagine driving with less illumination than standard halogen headlights, but at the same time, these components are still prone to failure and are more likely to cause problems in the future than other types of headlight structures. When it comes to upgrading, the process is simple and anyone can do it. In fact, people all over the world are already familiar with converting new headlamp sets, and you can upgrade your lighting in 30 minutes on each side.

There are many reasons for upgrading, but broadly speaking, it provides better lighting at a lower cost – both economically and in terms of energy waste. Safety is the most important consideration for any driver and it is easy to take advantage of brighter road conditions. But when you consider the cost savings in parts and labor and the fuel savings from using more efficient technologies, it makes no sense to think about moving to something more advanced.

There are three common types of car headlights: halogen, HID and LED. So which should you choose when considering an upgrade?

Should you upgrade to halogen, HID or LED?
Halogen, HID and LED headlights all to have their own advantages and drawbacks. Before you make a decision in a certain way, it’s wise to make sure you do so from an informed position to avoid disappointment. If you don’t know what you bought and why, you may break your headlights and your car in the process, and you’ll pay your way back to where you started. Instead, being familiar with different headlight designs means you can make the right decisions based on your driving and budget.

Cheapest – halogens. Halogen headlamps are certainly the cheapest option, providing the lowest quality of lighting. Most people just like to change in their cars, but just because they don’t know these aren’t usually the best options. Although halogen lamps are cheap, they need to be replaced over a longer period of time than LEDs, so they cost more in the long run. In addition, compared to other types of headlights, they provide significantly lower quality lighting, which is worth keeping in mind when making decisions.

HID xenon lamp. In the middle of this range, HID xenon lamps are brighter and more effective than halogen lamps. However, they lack the durability of LEDs, and it can be quickly installed as an expensive process to replace the bulbs and reinstall the new kit while you drive. While HID lights offer better visibility while driving, they pale in comparison to LEDs and are a clear leader for anyone considering an upgrade.

Best – LED. LEDs convert electricity into light in the most efficient way, with 80 percent of the energy consumed going directly to the light generation process (compared with 20 percent of halogen headlamps). This means you can get brighter, stronger light from more durable hardware. Those who install LED headlights, one of the most durable car components on the market, get better performance and longer life.

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