Urgent Care Services

We can all agree that no one plans to have an accident or a medical problem. Getting sick and getting bruises are just part of life. The question is, where do you go when your condition is not serious enough to go to the emergency room but it needs medical attention now? urgent care north Hollywood The answer is you would go to an urgent care clinic and take advantage of the services they offer.The great thing about urgent care services is that walk ins are welcome. You do not need to have an appointment to come in and have the doctor’s check out your cold or bandage a cut. In a sense, an urgent care center is in the middle of being your family doctor versus your emergency room.

One useful service they offer are physical examinations. Many sports require yearly physicals, and no appointment is needed to come in and have one done to you or your child. Everyone should keep up with their physicals. Keeping up with your overall health can prevent serious complication and future health threats.Another useful service is their drug testing. Many jobs require their employees to take drug tests before even starting their first day of work. You can come into an urgent care clinic at any time for this service.

There are also services for all minor, aches, bruises, and pains. For example, if you have a burn or a sprained ankle, they will tend to you wound and be able to brace your sprain. Of course, if you have a broken bone or are experience a serious problem, then it is important to go straight to the emergency room where they are fully equipped to handle any situation. These walk in clinics are limited and may not be able to help all medical conditions.Tending to work injuries is another service will find at an urgent care facility. Many cases will come in because they have slipped and fell, have been hit with something, or are dealing with overexertion. Any of these situations can be handled at your local care center without appointment.If you are experiencing a minor ache or pain, have been injured at work, need a drug test, or just want to get your yearly physical done, then don’t forget about urgent care centers. Not only are they located in most cities, but walk ins are always welcome.

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