What AC Parts Must Be Cleaned Before Restarting it in Summers?

We all know that the winter season is about to end, and many of us will soon start using air-conditioning systems again. But since you will be restarting your air conditioner after a long break, there are very high chances that you might need AC Repair Oakland Park because the breakdown possibility is very high with such machines which remain unused for a long period. However, doing a few simple things before restarting the system can definitely help to prevent unwanted malfunctions. Cleaning the main AC parts is one of those crucial things which should be done before restarting an air conditioner.


Making it simple for you, dust particles are not a good conductor of heat, and since air-conditioning systems work on the basic principle of transferring the heat from one end to another, it is crucial to keep the main AC parts dust-free.So basically, if you don’t want to spend money on AC Repair Oakland Park sessions, then it is advised to clean your air conditioner properly before you turn on the power supply. Let’s now find out what AC parts need to be cleaned regularly to get a flawless cooling experience.


Evaporator Coils: Located in the indoor unit, the evaporator coil performs the task of absorbing the heat and moisture. But if there’s a thick dust layer present on the coil, then it will surely have a negative impact on the AC efficiency. So, the evaporator coil must be cleaned before restarting an air conditioner in the summer season.


Condenser Coils: Located in the outdoor unit, condenser coils perform exactly the opposite task of evaporator coils, as they help the refrigerant to release the absorbed heat in the outdoor atmosphere so that it can absorb the indoor heat again. Thus, condenser coils also play an important role and hence, they also need to be cleaned regularly.


Filters: There are filters in your air conditioner, just to prevent dust particles from entering the indoor atmosphere along with the conditioned-air. But over time, they become excessively filthy and start obstructing the airflow as well. So, it is also very important to keep the filter clean in order to maintain an uninterrupted airflow.


Note: We don’t advise you to clean these AC parts by yourself unless you have the required tools, skill, and expertise.

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