What are ID Fans and how do they work?

Draft is the term used to describe the pressure differential between the atmosphere and a flue gas route or the furnace of a boiler system. Induced draught is the term used to describe when the flow of air and flue gas is affected by the steady decrease in atmospheric pressure.

By establishing a vacuum of negative air pressure, induced draught fans, also known as ID fans, are used in systems like steam boilers and thermal oil heaters to pull out and remove exhaust gases from combustion chambers (typically -10 mm Hg). To do this, a blower is used to draw air into the combustion chamber and the remainder of the system before the air and flue gas are released through a chimney or stack.

By providing the necessary air for the combustion of fuels, induced draught fans help to facilitate the combustion process in boilers and other systems, in addition to enabling the management of pressure within systems like boilers.

In contrast to forced draught fans, which do not function in the hot and acidic environments of exhaust gases, induced draught fans are constantly subjected to extreme circumstances, which raises the risk of ID fan problems, operational inefficiencies, and eventually ID fan failure.

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