What is ABBE Retrofit Coordination?

What is ABBE Retrofit Coordination? The ABBE Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings (EEM-OTB) is the most comprehensive award available to retrofitters. ABBE Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators are highly trained and accredited to implement energy-efficiency measures. If you are considering becoming a retrofit assessor or coordinator, you should start by completing the ABBE Retrofit Assessor qualification.

ABBE Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings


The ABBE Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings is a qualification designed for those involved in the retrofitting of traditional buildings. The qualification meets the standards of PAS2035 and PAS2038, and is a valuable qualification for Retrofit Coordination, designers, and people responsible for the upkeep of traditional buildings. It also helps build awareness of the energy efficiency measures available to old buildings, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.


Those in charge of government-funded retrofits may also be required to hold the ABBE Level 3 Award in Energy Efficiency Measures for Older and Traditional Buildings. It is also useful if you want to be able to demonstrate your knowledge of energy efficiency and how to install it. During the course, you will be required to take three multiple choice tests. You should bring a laptop/iPad with you to ensure you are prepared for all questions.


This level three award is ideal for those who wish to further their careers in energy assessment. This course covers all aspects of energy assessment, from raising awareness about older buildings to selecting the most suitable efficiency measures. The course is also aimed at people who have no prior experience, but are interested in the energy industry. The course requires four days and consists of a practical assessment of buildings to create an energy performance certificate.

ABBE Retrofit Assessor


As an ABBE Retrofit Assessor, you’ll have the skills necessary to help clients improve their energy efficiency. This new ABBE qualification has been developed by the Energy Trust to promote awareness of energy efficiency in traditional and older buildings, and it meets the Trustmark Standards for PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessor status. The qualification is a comprehensive review of the various aspects of energy efficiency, including the fabric of the building, occupancy, and energy installations. A retrofit assessment is not an EPC, and you will need a CSCS card to visit the site on a regular basis.


This course is approved by the Awarding Body for the Built Environment and will include a portfolio of 5 example properties and pre-course reading. The course covers a range of modules, including solar gain, risk assessments, and benefits of whole house retrofits. You’ll need to complete a practical assessment for each home you visit, and this will help you determine which retrofit improvements are right for your property. You’ll also learn how to complete PAS2035 assessments.


If you are planning to retrofit a building, an experienced Retrofit Assessor will make sure your renovations go smoothly. An assessor should know how to assess the energy efficiency of a property, including the insulation value and heating and ventilation systems. You should also make sure you have the property’s exterior and how many rooms it contains, as this will be key in determining the appropriate retrofit for your home. Once this is done, you can start the installation process.

Retrofits are essential to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions from homes

PAS 2035 is a set of standards for the entire retrofitting process. It covers the identification of improvements, designing energy efficiency measures, and monitoring projects. Retrofits are essential to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions from homes. This standard originated from the Every Home Counts review and aims to provide a robust framework for whole house energy retrofits. To help people enter the role, the ABBE Retrofit Assessor Level 3 Certificate was developed. Accreditation with this scheme is mandatory.

Retrofit Coordination

The ABBE (Association of Building Engineers) offers a recognized qualification to retrofit coordinators. This award gives the retrofit coordinator the requisite knowledge to complete retrofit projects. It also helps retrofit coordinators meet the PAS 2035 requirements for a retrofit project. In addition to this qualification, retrofit coordinators should also have other relevant specialist roles within the retrofit process. In some instances, these roles are performed by a single person.


The ABBE Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management is designed for people working in the construction and built environment sectors. This qualification meets the standards for domestic retrofit coordinators and is recognized by the Each Home Counts quality mark scheme. It is a mandatory role in retrofit projects and is recognized as an industry standard. The ABBE Retrofit Coordinator qualification is a valuable addition to the CVs of construction professionals.

Stroma Certification’s Retrofit Assessor


The Stroma Certification’s Retrofit Assessor Certification scheme will upskill a Domestic Energy Assessor, Green Deal Advisor, or other professional working in energy efficiency. It is designed to meet the PAS 2035 Framework requirements and is approved by Trustmark. The course is delivered over two days, and delegates will be provided with a webinar or video link to the virtual classroom. The course will be taught by experienced lecturers and the course includes practical assessments.


The PAS 2035 standard requires that all buildings requiring energy retrofitting undergo a thorough assessment by an approved Retrofit Assessor. This is an important element of the standard, as all retrofitting work must adhere to the Framework. Stroma Certification’s accredited technicians are part of this scheme. During the assessment, the assessors gather data about properties and buildings, including the functional and durability of services and planning constraints.


Our team includes two highly qualified, experienced members – Chris and Nigel. Chris is a car enthusiast and a hobby mechanic, and Nigel is a Chartered Engineer. Both Nigel and Chris have extensive experience in building regulation compliance, with qualifications in Mechanical and Electrical Design, Tunneling / Trenchless Technology, Renewable Energy, Biomass, and Energy Efficiency. Both of them are endorsed by Trustmark and are Retrofit Assessors.

ECMK’s Retrofit Assessor and Coordinator scheme


ECMK’s Retrofit Assessor and Coordinator scheme offers both certification and accreditation. Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators must be members of an approved scheme in order to use the Trustmark quality mark. A Level 3 DEA qualification is required to become a retrofit assessor. Candidates must also attend an in-house course taught by elm. The scheme publishes training dates and other details.


To maintain their qualification, assessors must undertake CPD (Continuous Professional Development). As an accredited retrofit assessor, you must complete 10 hours of continuing professional development every year. Upon qualification, assessors do not have to submit CPD evidence, but they must submit it at membership renewal every twelve months. A newly qualified assessor will not be required to submit CPD evidence until 12 months after achieving accreditation. However, new assessors must complete a CPD planner and keep this up to date.

Whether you’re looking to retrofit your existing home or build a new one

An experienced retrofit coordinator or assessor will be able to demonstrate a range of skills and knowledge to the consumer. A qualified retrofit assessor or coordinator will be able to deliver work that meets the PAS 2035 standard. Whether you’re looking to retrofit your existing home or build a new one, a certified retrofit professional is a valuable asset to your business.


A qualified Retrofit Coordinator or assessor will assess the overall energy performance and fabric of a property. They’ll also identify suitable improvements for your property. The Retrofit Assessor and Coordinator scheme is run through a comprehensive system, flagging any potential hazards or risks. This process is mandatory for all projects involving public funding for energy efficiency improvements. To learn more about ECMK’s Retrofit Assessor and Coordinator scheme, visit ECMK’s .


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