What is Antiwordle game?

What is Antiwordle game?

These inexperienced blocks in your social community profile are getting in your nerves, you understand. Check out Antiwordle. Wordle asks you to guess a game day-after-day in as few makes an attempt as potential, whereas Antiwordle desires you to guess the game as many instances as you’ll be able to to keep away from it. While you make a proper guess, the letters will change to grey, yellow, or purple. Yellow signifies that the letter is current within the game and have to be taken into consideration in each subsequent guess, whereas purple signifies that the letter is current within the game precisely the place it ought to be and can’t be moved. Grey signifies that the letter is absent from the game and can’t be used once more. 

We tried to play Antiwordle, a recreation that’s solely playable in each day mode, and we endured till we managed to win. On this recreation, it is tough to keep away from speculating concerning the game of the day. As a result of Antiwordle simply blocks your beforehand used letters and forces you to attempt to reorder them within the acceptable order, it’s exceedingly tough to guess the hidden game in the present day.

The game is kind of easy. It’s a reverse wordle the place the game of the day will not be assumed. In case you are profitable, the game will let you understand how lengthy it took you and what number of instances you tried. Following that, there’s an choice to share it on social media. Inform your acquaintances of it.

Wow, that sounds really easy! The game has guidelines that have to be adopted, and including games from the dictionary makes it more difficult. When you give it a shot, you will study why this anti-word recreation is so well-liked and why it is more difficult than wordle online.

How To Play Antiwordle

  1. When the purple letter is within the appropriate location, the following game that accommodates that letter should go there.
  2. When a letter is highlighted in yellow, it means you need to use it within the subsequent game, however not in the identical spot as you probably did earlier than.
  3. Because you already know that the grayed-out letters within the following time period do not exist, you will not be capable of make the most of any of them.
  4. In Antiwordle, your objective is to fail.

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