Microneedling, a minimally cosmetic procedure, promotes collagen formation to cure skin problems. This procedure, also known as collagen induction treatment, involves making tiny, sterile punctures in the skin.

The brand new cutting-edge facial procedure that can take the place of radio frequency conventional and the derma pen is biological micro-needling. As your skin recovers, the production of collagen and elastin begins giving you a nearly immediate pluming effect Additionally it can help with me treatment of scars, dark spots damage, and aging skin.

Due to the fact that bio micro-needling doesn’t use chemical peels or laser, which could cause pigmentation issues, it is a perfect therapy for people with dark skin. Any region of the body can receive treatments, including the face.


With years of experience and skilled personnel, Unique Aesthetics is a well-known company that offers this exclusive process. We provide you with the greatest services and ongoing aftercare assistance.


At Unique Aesthetics, the microneedling London treatment starts with a face wash and is followed by the application of a serum containing Spongilla Thorn Extract. To Allow The Thorns to deeply absorb into the skin your aesthetician will gently massage the treated region for 15  to 20 minutes without using any needles. Applying a healing mask to the skin will be the next stage in this will hydrate the skin and reduce redness.

The procedure is completed by gently cleansing the skin and applying hydrating face cream or UV protection, as necessary.


The following are the main advantages of the bioprocess at unique Aesthetics in London.

  1. Rejuvenate your lifeless worn-out skin and combat the early signs of skin aging 

  2. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face can be improved as piercing increases collagen production.

  3. Acne and chicken pox scars can be properly treated, and uneven texture can be eliminated.

  4. can help lighten dark spots and pigmentation brought on by aging, the sun, or Both.

  5. Reduce the appearance of your body stretch mark

  6. Reduce your lines or wrinkles.

  7. Reduced and removed acne and dark spot from your body.  


 The medical community generally is good at micro-needling but now there is some risk.

The first risk is skin irritation after treatment and could other side effects include.

Like – swelling, redness, dryness, injury, and discomfort in the body.

Why Choose Special Aesthetics 

Modern, high-end cosmetic procedures by Unique in London. The creators of the biological product known and I collaborate on projects. This ensures that we only use organic components that are free of acids and chemicals.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

The anti-wrinkle injections London procedure for wrinkle-relaxing injections lasts about 30 minutes. Results rarely instantly and may take up to 10 days to an emergency. After treatment, the regions could seem a little red, in rare cases, they might, but these side effects should go away in a few days. Sessions of continuing therapy are necessary because the effects could last for three to six months.  

The cost of microneedling sessions ranges from $200 to $800. The total cost is determined by the size of the area being worked on. 

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