What is the best travel insurance for the United States?

Well, now that you know how much health care costs in the US and you know some important details about travel insurance, its coverage, and price range… what travel insurance should you take out and where? Of course, you will not find an objective answer (we will return to this point below), but if you want our opinion, you will find the best value for money at Mondo, a Spanish insurance brokerage that offers four types of products:

  • coverage for a trip
  • cancellation only
  • Long stay (+ 90 days)
  • annual insurance

Mondo is a kind of comparator that works with the best insurance companies (Arag, AXA, ERV, Zurich, Europ Assistance, etc.) and offers you the best options in each case. Within the category “coverage for a trip”, which is the most common, they distinguish between three types of trip that go from the most economical to the most complete: “tranquility trip”, “top trip” and “premium trip”. In the case of the United States, even the simplest product already includes up to €500,000 of medical expenses. In other insurance comparators, you can find cheaper prices but look at the limit of medical expenses and the company that offers them… surely they are not comparable.

All packages also include the repatriation or medical transfer of the sick, injured or deceased, the early return due to the death or hospitalization of a family member, and the early return due to serious damage to the insured’s main residence or professional premises, in addition to the displacement of a family member or companion in the event of hospitalization or death of the insured. These are basic issues that you will always have covered.

In the case of the United States, the insurance price range is between €45 and €80 for 2-week trips, and in a range of €80 to €140 for 1-month trips (per person). In all cases, you can optionally add cancellation coverage, which will increase the price depending on the amount you need to insure.

Additional Mondo Benefits

As well as offering high-quality insurance at very reasonable prices, what sets Mondo apart from other insurers is its wide range of benefits. And it really is a company that does not stop innovating. Some of the most prominent today are:

  • Assistance 24h/365 days
  • Own app with 24h medical chat, free assistance call, and incident management
  • Policy “no advance money”
  • Customer service by WhatsApp to answer questions
  • Money-back guarantee (* with conditions, before the trip)
  • Simple and fast online quote and contracting process
  • Possibility to customize some coverages
  • Possibility of adding special coverage (adventure sports, computer equipment, etc.)
  • Hiring or renewal during the trip
  • In the context of COVID-19, Mondo insurance includes Medical expenses derived from a coronavirus infection, including PCR tests if necessary (with medical prescription).
  • Sanitary transfer and repatriation, if the return home is affected.
  • Expenses for extension of stay due to medical quarantine.
  • The optional trip cancellation guarantee includes coverage for illness or death of the traveler or family member due to Covid-19.
  • Special price on PCR tests.

In our experience, one of the most interesting features of the app, from where you can manage everything related to insurance. In our case, during the trip to the US, we had to use it to make some medical consultations and they treated us quickly and efficiently. We even asked them to help us with some very technical translations of the medications and they were very helpful.

How to take out insurance for the United States

Taking out travel insurance for the USA on the Mondo website is very simple. From this page you have to click on “see prices” and you will enter directly into the insurance calculation process. You can complete all the steps without commitment and decide if you are interested in the end. To do this, you just have to spend a few minutes filling in the following information:

  1. Type of trip (if it is for a specific trip if it is for a whole year, or if you only need cancellation insurance)
  2. In the case of “one-time travel”, which is the most common, you must select your country of origin (legal residence) and the area where you want to be covered (your destination)
  3. Start and end date of the trip (even if you are already traveling)
  4. Number of travelers who need insurance and mail (to send the budget)
  5. Choose the ideal insurance for you (normally to choose between three, from less to more complete)
  6. Once the product is chosen, you have to fill in the data of the insured…
  7. … and pay (cards only)

  Very important: check that the “Traveller’s Notes” discount code is being applied before finalizing your purchase.

World discount code

For being a reader of Traveler’s Notes you will have a 5% discount when hiring any type of Mondo insurance if you do it through our links. To be sure that the discount is applied automatically (you will not have to enter any code), check that the phrase “5% Dto. The traveler’s notes” and that the original rate is crossed out, as you can see in this screenshot…

The credibility of the recommendations and our experience

We said above that you will not find an objective answer to the question “what is the best travel insurance for the United States?”. All you will find on the internet are opinions. The bad thing is that all opinions, including ours, are “flawed” for some reason.

First of all, it is impossible to know all the products on the market and all the companies. Actually, we could get to know what they are and what they offer, yes, but who has tried all travel insurance? Luckily, no one will have needed your services enough times to become a first-hand expert. So all we have to analyze is data (prices, coverage, limits, etc.) and certain reputation indices (opinions, our own or others’ experiences, rankings…).

Secondly, and this directly affects us, the travel insurance business is so attractive that it is almost impossible to find an honest recommendation on travel blogs and other websites (even online newspapers). Why? Because bloggers receive a commission for each sale made on our behalf. And we are not an exception. So why trust what we tell you? Surely a skeptical attitude is the most advisable, but we want to think that our recommendation is based on arguments and not only on economic interest…

Over the years (we have been online since 2008) we have received many proposals to advertise to different travel insurance companies. Until 2018 we rejected all of them, but with Mondo, we made the only exception. They did not pay more or sell their motorcycle better; they simply gave us confidence and we verified that their product was really good.

After endless conversations with one of the founders, who surely ended up hating us, we became affiliates and started the first collaboration with them, precisely to travel to the United States. In addition to seeing that they had excellent customer service, we had to use insurance for a small incident and the resolution was quick and efficient (all through the chat in the app).

The company continued to grow and bet on innovation, attending to the suggestions for improvement that were made, implementing new features every so often, improving its products… this convinced us that we had made the right choice with them. Since then we have contracted their insurance on more occasions, paying out of pocket without asking them for anything (and surely they would have covered the total or partial cost of the same) because we continue to believe that it is the best option in terms of value for money.

Our recommendation, then, is not at all objective, but our credibility is very important to us and we would never talk here about a company that we do not trust no matter how much money they offer us, just as we do not accept free trips, even if they invite us to the other end in the world with all expenses paid. We prefer to continue traveling independently, paying for everything with our own money so that we can value it fairly, and recommend only those products or services that we use on our trips.


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