What is the Convert Case tool?


Convert Case is a free online tool that can be used to convert text between different cases. With this tool, you can convert your text between uppercase, lowercase, camel, pascal, spinal, snake, title, vowel, consonant, and more.


Different types of cases: all the details with examples

Letter case refers to the difference between capital letters that are larger in uppercase (or more formal massive) and smaller lowercase (or less formal small) in the representation of written letters in certain languages. Writing systems that are case-sensitive have two alphabets, and each letter in a set is usually a substitute for a set. The two case variants are different versions of the same word. they share the same pronunciation and name and are treated similarly when sorted alphabetically.


What are lowercase letters?

Lowercase letters are smaller, shorter versions of uppercase letters (also known as capital letters) Convert Case Online. Lowercase letters may look different than uppercase, but they are the same.


For example, ‘a’ can be described as the lowercase variant of ‘A’ and ‘w’ can be described as ‘W’.


Below are the lowercase letters of the English alphabet:


A B, C and D. F, g and j. the letters l, k and n. the letters p, q and s, U, V the letters a, b, x, y and x.


How are lowercase letters used?

When writing, most of the letters we write are lowercase. Letters are capitalized for special events, such as beginning a sentence or proper nouns.


Common nouns must be written in lowercase. Capitalizing nouns that are common places is a mistake that many people make when writing. Even words like “university” must be written with lowercase letters or an individual university.


Here are some examples of lowercase:

This sentence is written in lowercase, except for the “T” at the beginning of the sentence.

Lowercase letters are used for common nouns, such as “dog,” “cat,” or “chair.” We use capital letters for more proper nouns like ‘London’ or “Mr. Dickens”.

Sometimes changing the letter from lowercase to uppercase (or the other way around) in a sentence can completely change the meaning.


For example, the terms ‘Polish’ and “Polish” can be described as words. Using a lowercase letter “polish” means you rub something to make it look shiny. With capital letters, “Polish” means someone or something from Poland!


Another illustration is ‘apple’ and ‘apple’. Lowercase “apple” means the red fruit. However, using the capital letter ‘A’, the word “Apple” refers to the technology company.


How to convert to lowercase online

Here are easy steps to convert your text to lowercase:


Copy and paste the text into the input text area to convert it to lowercase.


Now, click on the “lowercase” button.


Your input text input is now converted to lowercase within the same textarea.


Copy your converted lowercase and paste it where you want to use it.


That is all!


What are capital letters?

Capital letters are also called capital letters. Capital letters tell the person reading them that something is important or significant.

English capital letters of the alphabet A B C E F H KL MN O A R T S U V Z.


Examples of capital letters:


The name is considered a correct title. Therefore, the first initial and the last name are capitalized.

Main Street

It is an official noun; therefore, the first letter of each word is capitalized

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