What To Know About Non-Union Advertising Production?

In the TV industry, there are different types of jobs available for all those who wish to act. There are short films, theatre, commercials, studio movies, television, independent movies, web series, background acting, etc. There are all different types of work and all this is managed by a union which is linked to production. If you are a producer and you wish to start your own production then you will have to register with SAG-AFTRA after which your production will become” Union Production”. To any actor when you assign any project an agreement is made based on the budget. The production also has to follow the rules and regulations of the production contract. Today in this world you will find that all the big industries working right now in the industry are union productions.

Non-Union Advertising Production :

  • Union /non-union production: – The difference

Actors always find work through union production because of reliability. They also get higher payments as compared to non-union productions. Union production also has its other perks such as a better trailer facility, meals, break times, and other things. There is also insurance for the people working with the union production. For all these benefits it is a good idea to work with union production. When you are working with non-union productions there are no facilities like meals or trailers. You are working as a freelancer and if anything goes wrong you will not find anyone to answer. You can get these things in your contract by talking to your agents or managers.

  • Non-union production financial core

There are not many but few financial cores associated with non-union production. They don’t even hire,  celebrities. There is a legal agreement involved with is called financial core which permits the workers to work in the union environment but without being a member of the union production. Most of the celebrities come from the union product and non-union production only has few. The talent level of the non-union production cannot match that of union production. Even movies made by individuals are not that appealing and impressive. The rise of YouTube, apps, and social media platforms have flooded the non-union production market with quality production.

  • Production insurance

Non-union productions don’t have any insurance, but union production does. So if you are shooting somewhere and you get injured you are responsible for all the pain and treatment. It is a risky environment for the actors because there are all types of action involved. Michael Welsh Productions can help you with the music supervision if you need with their union production benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them.

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