What you need to know about the OpenCart PWA Mobile App

The popularity of Progressive Web Apps has been boosted significantly and have a positive impact on customer buying behavior. Many big brands have already switched themselves on the PWA mobile app and that can be a little surprising for most of us. One reason is that Progressive Web Apps have made a good impact on the eCommerce market and keep the business up and running. Also, the OpenCart PWA Mobile App can be set up very quickly and make you ready to sell your products on mobile apps.


The OpenCart PWA App Builder by Knowband is an open-source eCommerce platform that can work seamlessly with any device or platform. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator gives a truly amazing experience to every visitor. It is easy and convenient to work on OpenCart PWA App Builder because it does not require any kind of coding and technical knowledge. Also, you can launch the shopping app under your brand name. There are several more features that can be used in OpenCart PWA App Maker to enhance business productivity.

1. Home Page Layout –

The OpenCart PWA App Creator allows you to create your home-page layout. The eCommerce merchant can edit, add, and create the home page layout on their Progressive Web App by accessing the module backend. So, the store owners can quickly change the look of the home screen without having to write any code. The store admin has the option to make the app more user-friendly. And give a mind-blowing customer experience to the user.

2. Multi-currency and Multilingual –

The OpenCart PWA App Maker is great for your business if your eCommerce website is dealing with any kind of language barrier. The customers can easily convert the shopping app into their desired language and access the app in it. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App gives the benefit to the business to expand the business in all related geographical areas. Also, It accepts currencies from all over the world and gives freedom to the customers. The customer can use this functionality to perform a transaction with ease and safety.

3. Push Notification –

The OpenCart PWA App Creator allows you to send personalized push notifications on the customer’s mobile phone screen. This way customers get more interested and engaged with the mobile app. The push notification is a great way that is used by some businesses to get more traffic in the shopping app. The store admin can send the push notification at any point of time regarding deals, abandoned carts, and so on.

4. White Label Apps –

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App also allows the store owner to launch the shopping app with their brand name. That improves the brand’s image in front of people using mobile phones. Also, it allows the customers to get a positive impression of the brand. The store owner can perform several changes by module backend. Such as adding a brand logo, app name, logo, picture, and so on.

Conclusion –

The PWA for OpenCart has been making a big difference in the way people interact with the shopping app. This shopping app comes with so many customization and executive features. The store owner can select use some of the most popular e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop, Magento 2, and WooCommerce, to create an OpenCart PWA Mobile App. 

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