Why Custom Jewelry Packaging Boxes Are Special

The jewelry packaging selections you offer to your customer extends your brand, through your logo, custom colors and style choices. Jewelry boxes, pouches, gift bags and other packaging also lends sophistication to the product, allowing your customer to be proud of their purchase.

With custom printed jewelry boxes, you’re buying advertising space in your customer’s home. As they keep their jewelry packaging for emotional reasons, practical storage needs or travel use, your company’s name appears time and time again. Jewelry boxes and bags can be constructed from a variety of materials such as cotton, PPNW, paper, felt, velvet, organza, and linen, making them ideal for traveling and storage.

Custom Jewelry Box Styles

Custom printed jewelry boxes can be made for many types of jewelry items such as rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets, along with specialty items that may need unique sizes. Custom jewelry boxes can be made with one or two-piece designs, hinged opening, ribbon tied closure, or other specialty accents.

Custom Printing Options

Printed Jewelry Boxes

These boxes come in various colors, so you should make sure that you select the color according to the type of gift. The best way to get a box is to match the color theme according to the gifts. If you are unsure which color scheme to choose, you can ask a friend. You can also choose a color that matches the color of the gift. This way it looks cute and the person that receives the gift will also fall in love with the box. Custom jewelry boxes can be manufactured in specific colors to match your brand’s logo colors and design. Custom printing is possible on the outside and inside of jewelry boxes, depending on the specific design.

Jewelry Gift Box Benefits and Box Construction:

  • Opening a jewelry gift is an exciting experience and having the right box makes the occasion extra special.
  • Jewelry Boxes are typically made in a rigid set up two-piece style box from paper chipboard and covered in various colors of papers.
  • Additional styles are one-piece top tuck folding boxes, ribbon tied rigid boxes, and ring boxes.
  • Most boxes come with cotton filler or other inserts to add cushion to protect delicate jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  • You can add your logo to promote your store brand or event.
  • Most of our boxes are made by manufacturers here in the U.S.A.

Beautifully Kraft Jewelry Packaging & Boxes

Your packaging needs to make your accessories shine, not dull them down. Emenac packaging understands that your product is the centerpiece, and it’s best to have your custom-made jewelry packaging to reflect that. Best Material Highly Recommended, you visit the site and try out this packaging boxes. It’s unacceptable to see great artwork be soiled by an unstable structure or a design that doesn’t continue to impress on the inside.

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