Why do We Love Playing Horror Games

Horror is one of the many genres of video games, but it appears to be the most popular and the one that people feel obliged to experience and discuss.

Video games are artistic expressions, and many of them construct entirely new worlds and cities for the player to explore or become lost in. In recent years, several video games have also added fictional storylines for players to immerse themselves in and “live out.” Horror lends itself exceptionally well to the ‘fantasy’ element that video games give. It is a means to investigate the darker sides of humanity without leaving the comfort of your home.


Examining fear and posing the question, “Why do people enjoy playing horror games so much?” is comparable to asking, “Why do people enjoy travelling down endless halls with the most unpleasant sounds and a ridiculously terrifying ghost following them?” These questions can only be answered by players themselves, given their motivations likely vary. It might be the suspense, adrenaline, graphics, or morbid interest, to name a few.

From discussions with random players, we were able to determine why individuals enjoy horror so much; here are a few explanations.


There is no actual danger in video games; only the perception of danger exists. This safe danger appeals to many of us; we’re not physically experiencing it, but our imaginations still get to feel the side effects of risk, such as adrenaline and heightened alertness. Comparing the sensation to riding a roller coaster or driving at a stupidly high rate of speed over hills yields the same conclusion. This thrill, anticipation, and difficulty make everything exciting.


If you lead a typical, everyday life, you probably experience moments of shock and horror infrequently. The moment a zombie, vampire, or monster leaps at you could be the moment with the highest shock value. This type of ‘good’ shock leaves one breathless, thrilled, and flooded with adrenaline, dopamine, and numerous other chemicals associated with fear and flight. This neurotransmitter surge is accompanied by increases in our heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. It’s akin to a natural ‘high,’ and many horror games seek to induce it in their players. Horror video games deliver the most shocking moments.

It aids in overcoming fear

The most subliminal reason individuals play horror games like poppy playtime is to conquer their fears. People view horror games as a good environment in which to examine their doubts, anxieties, and fears, as many horror games play on extremely common fears. Every individual has a unique phobia, such as a fear of the dark, enclosed areas, disfigurements, abandonment, or anything else. Horror video games give us the means or platform to confront our concerns. When we do tackle them, we feel a sense of pleasure, achievement and relief.

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