Why Polyester Strap is best alternative of Steel Strap?

Steel strap is frequently chosen as the more “safe” option. However, as polyester strap is frequently superior and more affordable, we’d want to encourage it. Therefore, we have listed some advantages and justifications for choosing polyester straps over steel straps below.

Less impact on the environment

To make steel, a lot of energy is required. It is obvious that this is both incredibly expensive and catastrophic for the environment. Contrarily, polyester strap is five times lighter than steel strap and is largely made of recycled materials. That inevitably has a significant influence on transportation. Finally, recycling polyester strap is simple.

Safe to use

Steel strap weighs five times as much as polyester strap. This enhances the ergonomics and makes it simpler for employees to utilize. Additionally, PET strap doesn’t have sharp edges like steel strap does, which significantly lowers the chance of accidents. Steel straps have the potential to fly in all directions when released, endangering anyone around. Last but not least, there is a chance that someone could damage their tyres if they drive over a steel strap that is laying on the ground. With polyester straps, such is not the case.

Economical Price

To top it all off, using polyester strap is far more cost-effective than using steel strap. You not only save a great deal of time, but the product itself is far less expensive. Polyester strap is after all simpler to fasten. Additionally, because there are more metres on each roll, you don’t have to switch rolls as frequently.

Higher quality

Cost-effectiveness is one thing, but what about quality? You may be confident that polyester straps are of a quality that is at least equal to that of steel straps. Consider the elasticity, for instance. PET has an elasticity of up to 14%, compared to the 0.1% of steel strap strands. This translates into a PET strap being able to withstand greater shocks before breaking. Even if the load changes, contracts, or grows. In fact, polyester strap is the best choice for loads that shrink as they cool or dry out. PET straps are also waterproof. PET strap won’t stain, whereas steel rusts.

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