Why Should You Study Data Science?

About one or two decades ago and before, the rate of data generation was low, and most of the data was structured which could be easily analyzed by simple tools like BI.

But in today’s world when the amount of data is not only doubling every two years, but is also mostly unstructured and semi-structured, industries have felt the need for more complex tools and professionals i.e. Data Scientists to do the job.

A Data Scientist is a professional who is skilled in mining hidden information behind the data and who can exploit the data to produce desired results using a combination of various tools, algorithms and machine learning principles.

interpreting the collected data, model planning and analysis, visualization of the modeled data, and in the end, deploying it in the required environment. Data Centre The task starts with analyzing the problem which a Data Scientist must achieve by asking good questions.

Interpreting, cleansing and transforming the unstructured data is quite challenging, but exciting at the same time. While model development is regarded as the core activity in the whole process, visualization and communication are important to make the customer understand the modeled data.

Data science is all about solving problems using data, so expertise in statistics, programming languages and business are a must.

This is why the training focuses on all the planning tools while working on Python programming language in Machine Learning. SQL is used for Analysis services, and SAS, Tableau are considered best for creating repeatable and readable flow diagrams.

Analytics work is done by effective tools like Excel and R, and the Hadoop framework proves best in the extraction of a large amount of data. Other tools to make a Data Scientist’s job easy are Minitab, XL Miner, Spark etc.

The course comprises of detailed practical study of all the concepts of Data Science by industry-expert trainers having long working experience.

Numerous webinars and live projects are designed to shape students to work in the real business environment. In addition, a placement cell having collaboration with leading Information Technology companies guides student find their job right after the training period is over.

A person trained in Data Science has multiple options to choose from. He/she can work in a number of fields like Data Analytics, Software programmer, Machine learning engineer etc. And these options are going to grow by multiple folds in the coming future.

It won’t be wrong to say that the future relies on Data Scientists. Currently, there’s a scarcity of skilled professionals, and as an estimate, there’s going to be a deficit of more than two hundred thousand professionals worldwide by 2021. India alone is going to need more than a hundred thousand Data professionals in the coming years. While IT industries like e-commerce, social media, communication, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence etc.

require Data Scientists as mass level, other fat-off industries like medical sciences, biotechnology, entertainment companies, aviation and logistics etc. also need them to enhance their business using data.

Companies are paying high salaries for skilled professionals and since the speed of career growth is tremendous, there’s no better time to learn Data Science.

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