Word count tool and object of use

Word Counter is a free and easy-to-use text tool that counts words, sentences, paragraphs, and characters in your text as you type.
word counter works with multiple languages, like English, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Dutch, Czech, and many more.
Just copy the text to count, paste it into the app, and see the result.
Count the number of letters, characters, words, phrases, sentences, etc., quickly and accurately.
Many different languages can be used to count the number of characters and words in a text.
The keyword density is calculated by this feature, so you can find out how many times a word or phrase is used in a document.
Commonly used objects:
Blogger or Content
Teacher or Student

App to learn word unscrambler for word games
The word unscrambler application quickly finds all English words that can be formed by the letters of an unscrambled word. It can also be used to find anagrams of different lengths. Calculate Scrabble and other game points for the words you have unscrambled.
Even though you need an internet connection to see what the message means, you don’t need one to figure out what it says.
Large database of about 250,000 words.
Instantly unscrambles
Works for words up to 15 characters.
Word features that are useful in word games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, and others.
Filter output by “Start with,” “End with,” “Yes,” and “Length’ ascending, descending, letter, or reverse alphabetical command.
See the meaning of the words.
Word-scoring game (Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Word Feud)
New feature
Points calculator – calculate word points for Scrabble, Wordfeud, or Words With Friends. Access the Points Calculator by clicking on a word or the icon in the app bar.
New: Choose if you want to be shown meaning or points on clicking a word (choose in settings).
Fix: “U” button is no longer hidden by the keyboard
Fix: Dictionary switching issue fixed
other minor fixes

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