World Athletics Championships 2022 Details

World Athletics puts on the World Athletics Championships every two years. Before 2019, they were called the World Championships in Athletics (formerly IAAF, International Association of Athletics Federations). Along with the Olympic Games, they are the most important international outdoor track and field competitions for senior athletes around the world, including marathon runners and race walkers. World Athletics has separate World Championships for cross-country running, the half-marathon, and other outdoor events. They also have separate indoor and age-group championships.

The World Championships started in 1976 after the International Olympic Committee took the men’s 50 km walk off the schedule for the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, even though it had been a part of every Olympics since 1932. Instead, a month and a half after the Olympics, the IAAF decided to hold its own world championships. It was the first time the IAAF held World Championships outside of the Olympic Games (traditionally the main championship for the sport).

In 1980, there was a second limited event. The first championships, which included all the events, were held for the first time in 1983. Before 1980, the Olympic champions were also the World champions at the time.

History of the World Athletics Championships

Before the first Athletics World Championship in 1983, people had thought about having one. In 1913, the IAAF decided that the Olympic Games would be the World Championships for athletics. This was fine for more than 50 years, until the late 1960s, when many IAAF members started to want their own World Championships. At the IAAF Council Meeting in Puerto Rico in 1976, it was decided that the Athletics World Championships would be held separately from the Olympics.

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