Write free for others? Guest Blogging, a “Win-Win” SEO strategy

Write for others? Free?… Well yes, Guest Blogging is in!

Some will say: You’re kidding! The truth is that the technique of “Guest Blogging” or also known as “Guest Posting” which consists of writing as a guest author on other blogs is undoubtedly an excellent way to get quality links, increase traffic to the web, and, therefore, improve our SEO positioning. As a digital marketing agency, we will tell you more about this resource.

Guest Blogging can be considered a “win-win” SEO strategy, meaning both parties, both the blog owner and the guest author, are in a profit game. But why? It’s simple, the guest blogger ( guest blogger ) gets visibility in other media and the owner of someone else’s blog gets quality content and free.

Before starting to develop a guest blogging strategy or thinking about how we will do it, it is vital to set objectives, in this way we will be guiding the actions to be undertaken thus achieving what we are looking for. For example, some of the goals that guest bloggers set are increasing traffic to the website, creating quality links (link building), web positioning, and, finally, obtaining importance in the sector, that is, being a referent.

Okay, we’ve already explained the basics, but one of the most important things is finding the blogs we’ll be writing on. There are different techniques to achieve this, for example, use a search engine such as Google and write something similar to Keyword “guest post”, in this way we will get blogs associated with our theme that allows guest posts. We can also use social networks such as “Twitter” and find guest bloggers who give us clues of pages in which we can write. But beware! Here comes the bad part: we must avoid being penalized by Google and for this, we must stay away from bad practices such as “guest blogging networks”

In the video, Matt Cutts refers to another bad practice of “guest blogging” and that Google penalizes. Many guest bloggers write the same article for different blogs, and even with the same links. ERROR! If we want to improve the SEO positioning of our company, it is vital to write articles that generate value.

Under what criteria should we guide the search for other people’s blogs in which we want to write? We simply have to base ourselves on the objectives we want to achieve and on other factors such as the audience we want to attract, the type of content that is written on someone else’s blog, the level of readers, among others.

We have already talked about the basics and also something more in-depth about guest blogging, but to make your task easier, we leave you the best tips you will find about guest blogging:

  • The theme of the blog: before contacting the owner of the blog you want to write, we must analyze the issue of posts and users who frequently read articles.
  • Email customization: the most effective way to contact the blog owner is to write a fully personalized and empathetically written email. In addition, it is advisable to add some titles to the posts that we want to write as guest bloggers.
  • Previous work: to increase our chances of writing guest posts, we must make sure to include the articles we have written or, failing that, the link to the blog we own.
  • Guest blogging is not advertising: it is a mistake to write about our work, our products, or our services. We must create quality content that generates value for the blog owner, otherwise, it will be our first and last guest article.
  • Similarity regarding the post format: if the posts written on the destination blog are 500 words long, use banners, bold texts, or other types of specifications, we must make our articles follow those lines.
  • Inclusion of links: one of the main objectives of guest blogging is to generate quality links that improve our SEO positioning, therefore, it is vital to include links within our guest posts that redirect to our landing page or, failing that, to other articles from our blog.
  • The best “bio” of all: one of the most important elements of guest blogging is the biography with which we will make ourselves known or introduce ourselves, and this must be written according to our objectives, specifying “what we are” and including a link to our website.

Now, are you ready to start the journey down the path of guest blogging? … Remember, it is a highly recommended strategy, especially to increase the visibility and SEO positioning of personal blogs and SMEs.

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